Jack of all Trades – 57


I stood restlessly in front of the inn. I couldn’t help that I had to put on nicer clothes than usual. It was almost the time where she should arrive. And I was already regretting not prioritizing buying normal clothes instead of armor.

Ahhh, I was so nervous. I could hear my heart beating loudly. Had my heart rate ever risen this high since I was murdered? Thinking of it like that, it made me think I was off to die once again… I scratch the back of my head in irritation every time such stupid thoughts enter my mind, and this repeats itself several times. Finally, I hear a voice from behind me.
“You will go bald if you scratch your scalp so much.”


It was the same voice she always had. I quickly turned around. The person I was waiting for. Daniela.


“I wouldn’t want that.”

“Hehe. Neither would I.”


What did that mean… I give her another look. She did not look the same today, because she was now wearing the gothic lolita dress I had bought for her at the Goblin’s Boutique. It was a black and red outfit that completely transformed her. But, it was very cute.


“You decided to wear it, the dress.”


I said, partially stunned. Daniela looked down at the dress and then back at me with a slightly embarrassed expression.


“…Does it not suit me?”


I don’t know if I have ever regretted not having a camera as much as I did now. I wanted to go back to Japan for the first time, even. It wasn’t fair that I could not immortalize this image!


“It suits you very well! You look incredibly cute.”

“Hehe. I see. Thank you.”


She smiled, and my heart felt like it would burst. Did my AGI affect my pulse?


“Well, do not just stand there like an idiot. Are we not going to the armorer?”


She said, and with a most natural motion, grabbed me by the arm. I could hardly fathom the powerful appeal of this adventurer who I relied on and nearly tripped over myself as she pulled me. Daniela did not miss this and laughed infectiously.


□   □   □   □


“It seems very busy today…”

“Is it? It appears to be much the same to me…”


Apparently, the town was unusually lively in my head alone. Daniela was as calm as ever. There was something about her now that seemed liberated, but I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. And I had still to hear an answer to my confession.


“I am quite hungry now… I did not get to eat breakfast thanks to you.”

“Ah, sorry about that…let’s find a place to eat.”

“Yes. Then…that place looks good. My instincts are demanding that we go there.”


Daniela pointed to a coffee shop which had an open terrace. Normally, Daniela had a tendency to choose stores based on the size of servings, but it appeared that she wanted to act like a proper lady today.


“Alright then. You sit here, Daniela. I’ll go and order something you’d probably like.”

“Ah, I will leave it to you then. Do not let me down.”


She looked at me then, but I found it hard to meet her eyes. I guess I was embarrassed. I could only imagine how my face must burn a bright red right now. I entered the store in order to hide it from her.


It was quite spacious inside, with low chairs and tables lined up. A good place to relax and kill time. The kind of store that you might spend hours at and do nothing if you came alone. I checked the menu at the counter and decided to order some sandwiches.

I scan the store and its customers. There was an old man reading a book, an old woman who was knitting. A woman who was writing something, a sleeping adventurer…wait, isn’t that Rex? What was he doing here?


“Are you alright?”

“Mm… Ah, sorry. It looks like I fell as…oh, Asagi. Aghh..aa… And I was having such a good nap.”

“Hey, Rex. I know it’s quiet in here, but is that smart?”


I chuckle as he stretches his arms and yawns. Though, I could totally understand how someone would want to sleep in this atmosphere.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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