Jack of all Trades – 57


“So, this is an unusual place to bump into you.”

“Uh, yeah. Daniela wanted to come here.”

“Hoho…I see I see.”



He looked at me with the most annoying grin on his face once I said her name. It almost made me want to punch him, but as he was probably thinking exactly what I was thinking, I could only sulk.


“So you two are, together after all then?”

“Ahh, I knew you would ask. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t say we have that kind of relationship yet.”


“…This morning…I told her.”


Oh, this was really awkward. It had been quite a while since I’ve had talks like these with male friends. Rex’s grin got even bigger as he stood up bashed me on the should several times.


“Well, you must make a full report, if things go well. And even if they do not, make a report anyway!”

“Stupid bastard. If things don’t go well, I’m leaving this city.”

“Ah, do not be so pathetic. Have some confidence!”


He had another go at my shoulder before picking up his bag and leaving, saying, ‘There’s a place I need to stop by now, got to go!’ That bastard, he looked very intent on spreading the word!

I clicked my tongue and regretted that I had woken him up. I was regretting a lot today, it seemed. Daniela was waiting quietly outside when I came out and took the chair in front of her.


“I just saw Rex come out the door. He looked surprised to see me, but he just waved and then immediately ran towards the guild.”

“Ahh…that…he’s going to tell everyone.”

“Tell everyone what?”

“About…ah…you know… Us?”

“You do not sound too sure…”


You know, that thing. I couldn’t say ‘our relationship,’ when we were not even dating, could I?


“Is there something that would greatly trouble you, if word got out about it, Asagi?”

“No, not really…umm..ahhh…”

“You seem very indecisive.”


Daniela laughs. I felt like I was being toyed with now. But she was right that I wasn’t being clear. I couldn’t really continue like this.


“Alright then. I will ask you plainly.”

“Aye, that would be preferable.”

“Tell me. Your answer. Would you say that it is good or bad? I don’t know if my heart can take this any longer.”

“But it has only been an hour. Asagi, you are not very strong mentally, eh?”


I had no answer for that. Yes, maybe my mind was like tofu.


“What did you think when you saw me like this?”

“I told you. You look very cute.”

“Hehe. Thank you. These are clothes that you gave me. Your confession…or explanation, hearing it brought on an urge to wear this. I was overwhelmed by an emotion that destroyed any reason. I wanted to be enveloped by you.”


Hearing those words made my face go bright red. I wondered if steam was starting to rise from my head.


“In other words, in regard to the answer being good or bad…well, I intended for the fact that I put these clothes on to be the answer.”


The answer had been in front of me as far back as when I waited in front of the inn. Daniela’s hands tenderly wrapped around my own as they rested on the table.


“Well, if you truly want me to put it into words, I have no problem doing so.”

“…Yes, I want you to say it. I want to hear.”


I look straight into her eyes. She too looks straight into mine. Her small mouth opens, and she crafts the words that I had wanted to hear.


“I love you too.”


It was as if all other sound had disappeared from the world. Only her words existed to me. But that only lasted for an instant, and the noises of the streets returned. I was now overwhelmed by an emotion that I had to put into words.


“Thank you, Daniela. Let’s stay together, always.”

“I know that it is nothing new, but I am an elf, you are human. Our lifespans will not be the same. Are you really fine with that?”

“Yes, I’m sorry that I’ll have to die first. But I hope that I can live on in your heart.”


We look long at each other, confirming to the other how we felt. And when our emotions had reached their peak, our faces closed in, lips against lips…


“Your food is ready!”


Plates descended right in front of our eyes and the rose-tinted atmosphere was shattered. I looked to the side to see the waiter looking down at us. It was almost impressive how someone could have such a large, professional smile, all the while his temples seemed to be twitching with rage. I realized what we were just about to do in public, and pulled back with embarrassment before addressing the waiter.


“Th-thank you.”

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    Maaan I’m reading this chapter while “kyaaa~ kyaaaa~” in my heart.
    It’s so rare to find a good romance development for isekai novel like this.

    Thanks for the chappu~

  2. Are fifty-something-year-old guys allowed to go “KYAAA!”? No? My grown-up sons would be too freaked out? Darn it.

    Ha ha, that waiter at the end though. Nice way to end the chapter.

  3. what’s to stop Asagi from living a very very long like like her? … I mean, he did get a blessing from a huge doggie that granted him speed… wouldn’t it be possible for him to gain another blessing/curse from something like that that would grant him a long life too?

    • I’m curious how she’s gonna handle it. Given how energetic she is, she might attempt to go for mistress status. She doesn’t give the impression that she’ll give up easily.

  4. Damn to mutch sugar in there!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the chapter, I believe someone in the adventure guild will want to go on a killing frenzy!!!!!!!!

  5. This is a really awesome story. Isekai fantasy with a GOOD monogamous romance that actually takes some time to develop. Plus a realistic likable mc, good pov change chapters, funny side characters. I just love it. And most of all your translation is super excellent! Glad you stuck with this story and thanks for translating. I cant wait for more.

  6. For every chapter I read, I just fall in love with this story more and more. What a fantastic way to develop the romance and characters.
    Now I need Asagi to find a magic or blessing to prolong his life, it will break my heart if Daniela needs to see her love die of old age.

  7. “I was overwhelmed by an emotion that destroyed any reason. I wanted to be enveloped by you.” Woah that was pretty intense Daniela but i liked it lol.
    Still i’m not really beliving how easy she fell in love here but whatever i guess, and yeah cmon Asagi the clothes were pretty much a dead giveaway but it is always better to put it into words.
    Anyways i would have thought that Daniela would be the one with the problem about the age thing i mean i’m glad that they didn’t make a big deal out of it but still.
    lol of course a nice confession was ruined at the end you never fail to blue ball your audience don’t you JP authors.

  8. Oh man… you’ve said what you should not… “I hope that I can live in your heart”?! Yea, that is cute, but imagine yourself living 200 hundreds or even more after the person you love dies? That was… inconsiderate from him.

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