Jack of all Trades – 58


“There should be no problem in terms of your movement. And this waist mantle should strengthen the potency of your wind magic even further. There are no AGI enchantments, as we did not have enough time. But we could request that it be done. If you can pay the price for it.”

“Request? So you can ask someone to do it?”

“Yes. In truth, this price is more of an intermediary fee. You see, Enchanters do not accept private requests, and so this is the only way to go about it.”


I see. It was a type of magic that would be in high demand, by keeping the door narrow, they could maintain a certain value. Very smart.

But it seemed like it would take some time. I wasn’t really sure, but I had a decent military budget thanks to lord wyvern. Being cheap on my first investment in armor could have grave consequences as well. It would probably be wise to just do it.


“Then I will request it. And I will pay for it now. So, how long does it take, anyway?”

“Uh, it can vary depending on the magician’s schedule. But I would say that it is around one week.”


Well, that wasn’t too bad. It was a little sad that I couldn’t take it all now, but I had to have some restraint.


“So that will be sixty-five gold pieces for the armor set and an additional ten gold pieces for the enchantment. Seventy-five in all.”

“Yes, yes. Here is the extra ten.”


I took out ten gold pieces from the Rex treasury and handed them over. Now, everything was complete. I felt good and clean, free of debts.


“Thank you. Now, if you can just come by in one week, everything should be ready for you.”

“No. Thank you. I got quite a bargain. It was a good thing that I came here.”


We shook hands, but it did not lead to a contest of grip strength.


“By the way, your friend over there…”

“Hm? Me?”


Daniela had been staring blankly at some heavy armor. She was like a boyfriend who had no interest in the clothes store…


“That dress…”

“Ah, is it not pretty? Asagi bought it for me.”


She laughed with a little pride and turned around to show it off. It was too cute.


“It is splendid! And if I may be so bold, could it be from the Goblin’s Boutique…?”

“Yeah. We stopped there before finding this place.”


I answer. I wasn’t likely to forget that store’s name for a while.


“I knew it! Uh, would you mind if I had a closer look?”

“Ah, if you insist…”


Daniela said suspiciously as she stepped closer to the clerk. He folded his arms and looked sternly at the dress as he walked around her in a circle. He had the eyes of a craftsman.


Then his hand stretched out towards the skirt. I smacked the back of his head at full speed.


“Are some kind of imbecile!”

“Forgive me…I just got carried away…”


He rubbed the back of his head and bowed apologetically. Perhaps she was stunned because it was so sudden, but Daniela didn’t move.


“Asagi…you did that for me…”


She seemed to be so overwhelmed with gratitude that she could not move. I forced a smile just as my temples were twitching with rage and looked towards the clerk in order to tear him a new one.


“In the first place, don’t you specialize in armor?”

“But I am also curious in clothing and accessories! I am very fond of clothing of this fashion.”


Then you should go to the punk lady’s store…


“Oh, but that place, it is a little intimidating…”


I had no answer for that.


We talked for a while after that and then left the store. ‘I will be brave next time and go!’ the clerk said before we left. He really didn’t need to be so nervous. She wasn’t going to eat him, as far as I knew.


When we went out into the main street, the falling sun cast a giant shadow from the city walls. The time seemed to have past very quickly as we were in there. Almost too quickly.


“The sun has already begun to set… I had not realized how much time had passed.”
“Ah, I was just thinking the same thing.”

“Hehe. Is that what one feels when they are with someone they like?”



What’s with the surprise attacks! It was even worse because I was increasingly aware of how red my face was getting.


“Hmm? What is wrong Asagi? You have turned scarlet.”


Daniela asked as she looked deep into my eyes. It was too cute. Which only ramped up my bashfulness.


“It’s you know, the heat of the sun.”



She grins at me teasingly. If this was how things would be, then I was happy from the bottom of my heart that I became an Adventurer. However, being teased without reciprocating was no fun. I would have to deal a heavy blow in return.


“Asagi, Asagi. My own face has not been affected. Is this somehow because of the sun as well?”


She continued with an evil grin and moved closer to me. And so I cupped her chin in my hand and moved in to shut her up. Wide eyes look into mine.

And then, perhaps it was the work of the sun, Daniela’s face turned a bright red.

When our lips parted, I was able to put on a triumphant smile, knowing full well that my revenge had been a success.

But then again, her revenge for my revenge would be something fearsome. So it was best that I retreat for now. I run ahead toward our inn. I don’t look back. There is no need to look back. There wasn’t a speck of a chance that Daniela would not chase after me.

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  1. Damn, release were so fast since a couple days ago. Something going one or what? Loved the chapter. Thanks for translating. Really though, this author really does put a lot of thought into his character reactions.

  2. I’m pretty sure 6 is still not enough… maybe 9 or even 12~ (read last chapter’s comments to understand this~)
    I’m gonna die from sweetness at this point! AAAaaHHHhhhhh~
    Black Rabbit quick on his comebacks I see~
    Thanks for the hard work translator-san~

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