Jack of all Trades – 46

Bonuses Come Suddenly

Ultimately, I arrived at the guild without being able to debut my new fashionable set of armor. But, at least I had signed for it? I just needed to hurry up and make some money and then that dragon armor set would be mine. Currently, I had two golds, sixty silvers, and about six hundred coppers. The coppers were divided into six bags and stashed away in the hollow bag. I could exchange them for silvers, but the convenience store clerk in me wanted to keep them, just in case.

Regardless, I was in need of sixty-five more gold pieces. My calculations are wrong, you say? Hey, I wouldn’t exactly be able to live if I emptied my entire wallet!


“As expected for the Spiris guild… It’s big and beautiful.”

“The quality of adventurers seems high as well. Like that great sword-wielder over there, I have no doubt that he is very skilled.”


We looked about, like two country bumpkins until a guild member called out to us.


“Is it your first time here?”

“First time in this guild, yes. We are from Fhiraldo.”

“Ah…you must be that Asagi that Fiona was talking about. The one who killed the wyvern.”


Apparently, that story had already made the rounds. Even more, I was now the one who killed it. It was really the soldiers who did that, I had just slid in a single attack.


“I have heard about you from Fiona. She said to treat you well. And in regards to the wyvern, Harold, from the west district guards also visited and said to give you the reward for slaying it. As you were ‘the biggest reason that they were able to kill it.’”



He said what!? All I did was throw a sword of ice at it. The rest was achieved by the guards!


“Harold brought in eight wyvern claws, twenty-four teeth, two sets of wing membrane, one jaw plate, and one heart. And they are all to be given to you.”


So saying, the guild member showed me the list. Yes, it was all there. At the bottom were the words ‘Give all of the above items to Asagi’ in tidy letters.


“Oh, but surely the other guardsmen will not be happy about this? I mean, they are having their glory taken away by some adventurer.”


Wouldn’t they? That was a wyvern! A dragon. It was a great feat to have been able to kill it. I couldn’t see a scenario where they wouldn’t be angry about me taking that away from them. But it would be even worse if their anger was directed toward Harold.


“Well, this list is hardly the entirety of what can be collected from a wyvern.”

“Is that right? But these are the rare ones, aren’t they?”

“The materials with the highest demand are the scales and the hide.’


Ah…neither of those were listed.


“But even then, that won’t make up for what they are losing, right?”

“As for that, Harold is to pay the difference. They are likely all at a bar right about now.”


The guild member chuckled. Ahhh… I guess he would be buying quite a few drinks today then…


“So, I can take all of this…?”

“Yes. The materials themselves are in storage here at the guild. Just submit this list at the ‘Rewards’ counter when you wish to withdraw them.”

“I understand.”


I receive the list. Suddenly, I was now the owner of a bunch of wyvern materials…I would have to thank Harold when I got the chance.

Next, Daniela and I went over to the Rewards counter. Fiona was not there. Which wasn’t too surprising.


“Hello. We would like to convert this proof of slaying orcs into money.”

“Orcs, I see. Yes, of course. Please give me your status cards.”


I hand over six orc fangs and the cards.


“Also, this.”


I slide over the list.


“Let me see. ….Yes, Asagi. So you wish to receive the items here?”

“Yes, please…”




The communicatively impaired master Daniela butted in. This was rare.



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. I hate MC’s that do this and this one is really pissing me off with his “I’m trash and don’t deserve this” play, why is it always like this …..

    • He has a background of being a freeter in his other life, due to having been rejected several times in job interviews. That alone makes him one of the lower caste in the functioning society. Also, he belongs to a country with a culture to be humble and not stick out like a nail. One you commonly call as JP beta MC. Or a pushover, to sum up. Well, they lost the world war so it might be because of that that they are traumatized of stepping out.

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