Jack of all Trades – 47

Starting the Gold Scheme

Let’s review it, shall we? Fifty-seven gold pieces. That’s what I got after selling the wyvern materials. Three golds and sixty silvers. That’s what we got for the orc materials. Add all of this up and I have sixty golds and sixty silvers. That’s what I had in all.

Now, as for this ice dragon armor that was scheduled to become my new equipment. Breastplate, gauntlets, boots and leggings, all of this was forty golds. Then there were the wind dragon clothes. Inners, trousers, and poncho with a hood. All of these had enchantments cast on them. They cost sixty gold pieces in all. And all of this would have cost me a hundred pieces of gold, had I not been able to negotiate and bring it down to sixty-five.

In other words, I required four golds and forty silvers. It was an amount I could get if I just went out and exterminated all of the grass wolves. Of course, that would only result in a storm of abuse my way by others whose profession relied on them. My safest bet was to patiently work through different quests. Plus, Daniela said that she would help me, so the work wouldn’t be too bad. Though, I wasn’t going to let her carry me through this either. I would do my best.


So that sums it up. I was now in front of the quest board. It was aboard with a variety of quests nailed to it. I went through them, examining the contents.


“Hmm… Seems the hunting quests pay the most.”


Grass wolves, goblins, even kobolds, which I had yet to actually see. I think they were those monsters with dog heads.


“Oh? What is this?”


A certain quest catches my eye. It read ‘Wyvern Hunt Request.’ Wasn’t the last one just killed? I think as I continued to read.


“Let’s see… ‘the mate of the wyvern that was slain this afternoon has been sighted. We request that it be hunted.’ …Hmm, a couple, eh?”


Apparently, they had scouted the surrounding area after the fight and discovered a nest. Just like the orcs, these wyverns must have wandered in from a different area. Well, this was a little too much for me. I would leave it to stronger adventurers.


Ultimately, this meant that the only thing left for me to do was to go wipe out some mob creatures. I could camp out a little and kill some grass wolves and goblins.

I tore off the requests for goblin and grass wolf hunting from the board, and took them to the Quest counter to have them issued.


“By the way, you have now reached level 36. You can now be promoted to Rank D, also called ‘Olivine.’”

“Olivine, huh?”


Commonly known as peridots. I guess I was now a gemstone at last.


“Can you do it now?”

“Yes, of course. Please wait a moment.”


I had to wait on the chair once again. I stared into space for several minutes until Daniela returned after having disappeared.


“Where were you?”

“A street stall.”


But we just ate…


“Oh, right. I gained a new rank. It’s D. Apparently I’m an Olivine now.”

“Already at D. You grow so quickly.”

“You think so?”

“Aye. By the way, Olivine covers levels 36 to 50. 51 to 70 are garnets. Which is what I am currently. Though, my rank is likely to rise soon.”


Garnets. Well, that was still quite a ways off for me. Raising one’s rank and level was good and all, but you needed to master the basics first. It’s the steady effort you put into the small things that pay off.

Still, Daniela was making a lot of progress as well. Part of me really wanted to catch up to her, but the other part didn’t. It was quite a dilemma.


Nothing in particular happened after that, and I was able to finish ranking up. Daniela wanted to return to the inn.


“I intend to camp out to earn some money, so we’ll probably act separately for a while.”

“Hehe. We have such a nice inn with beds to stay at, but I suppose it was not enough to separate Asagi from his trees.”

“I don’t sleep in them for fun!”



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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