Jack of all Trades – 256

Asagi Kamiyashiro vs Daniela Villesilf




The referee’s voice rang, and then all others died away. I could feel my concentration rising. Daniela was the same. She stared me down, her sword in hand. And without signaling each other, we charged forward at the same time. While it wasn’t something I should be thinking about now, I couldn’t help but muse over how synchronized we were.





The power of wind aided Daniela’s sharp thrust. I twisted my body out of the way and swung the broadsword from that position. She blocked it with her sword and pushed back, and her feet left the ground. She flew back a short distance. As I watched her, Daniela let go of her rapier while she was still in the air. However, it was enveloped in wind magic and floated as it stayed fixed to her side. I didn’t even know she could control wind magic so precisely…


“There is no time to be surprised!”



No sooner had she let go of the blade, her bow was in her hand and she unleashed an arrow that was also boosted by the wind. I didn’t have to consider it for a second to know this would be bad, and so I used Legs of the God Wolf to pull myself out of the way. Just then, bam! There was something like the sound of a bullet. An arrow was lodged in the ground behind where I had been standing.


“Is that thing even an arrow anymore?”

“Yes. Yes, it is!”


Now she had arrows floating in the air and she was firing them off one by one. Daniela herself was floating up above with them. I frantically dodged the attacks, but those beautiful arrows seemed to follow me. Honestly, it was getting scary.


As I ran, I searched for an opening that would allow me to launch a counterattack, but she was not so kind. The commanding view allowed her to shoot at me from any position, and she would even stop me from getting back on the stage. Hmm. Her anti-Asagi measures were severe. However, I didn’t like being suppressed like this.


“How about this…!”



I boosted my speed for just a split-second as a way of disorienting her. Then I activated my ice magic. A pillar of ice. It was the same attack I used on the giant monster Grendel. It had no name yet.


Daniela broke her stance as she dodged the great icicle that shot up towards her. I pulled back my greatsword, stepped on air, and then dashed up the surface of the ice. As I got higher, I prepared to swing.

However, Daniela was a fiend. She easily twisted her body out of the way.


“Not yet!”


With Legs of the God Wolf propelling me and the tip of the greatsword as a fulcrum, I began to spin vertically. And without losing any momentum, I added platinum and green wind to boost my speed even further as I raised the sword; and then swung downward. And yet Daniela still responded to these irregular movements. She brought her sword back and blocked it. But when it came to aerial battles, there was no besting me. I raised my speed again and pushed. She smashed into the pillar of ice and fell towards the ground as the whole thing went crumbling down.




The beastly groan rang as she rolled on the ground. The tide had turned. And now it was my turn to take the lead.

I pointed my blade at Daniela and sent a rush of dark blue magic into it. My equipment didn’t give me an ice magic boost, but the greatsword seemed to do a lot with what it was given. In an instant, the blade was covered in water, and I launched flowing tendrils of water, just like Adlus had done. For now, five seemed like enough.


“Damn it!”


Daniela rolled and jumped, but one of the streams slashed her left thigh. Adlus’s tricks were rather useful. He was no friend of mine, but that wasn’t the fault of his magic. I would use what I could. That was one of the tricks to survival.


I rested my greatsword on my shoulder and continued the attacks. Daniela was covering the blood rushing from her leg for a moment, but then she looked at me and let go.




For a second, I had no idea what had happened. What I did understand, was my vision was blocked, I had lost my balance and then was violently thrown down to the stage. My face contorted with pain as I felt something wet on my face.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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