Jack of all Trades – 46


“Are you not going to convert them into gold?”

“…Ah, I didn’t think of that!”


I had only thought of receiving them. But converting them to gold would bring me so much closer to my goal, wouldn’t it!?


“How much would all of this be if converted?”

“Uhh, with the current market… I’m sorry, it will take a moment to calculate all of this. Please have a seat over there while you wait.”


There were some chairs off to the side.


“Alright. Thank you.”
“Yes. It will just take a moment.”


We move away from the counter and wait on the chairs. I was bored. There was nothing to do… Still, I was thankful for Daniela’s idea. Let’s talk about that.


“Ahh, I feel stupid. I hadn’t even thought of doing that.”

“Those materials are of great quality. Of course, they would pay good money if you sold them. And what use would you have of them otherwise?”

“Uhh… I was really just thinking about how it was a lot of rare materials. Maybe I have a habit of hoarding things.”

“Hehe. You do have some peculiar habits, Asagi.”


Rude. Collecting odd items is its own subculture. I’m very popular with girls who are into that.


“You have other peculiar habits as well, you know?”

“What? Name them.”

“You are are always running your fingers through your hair. You do it especially when you are thinking about something.”

“Oh, I never noticed.”

“Hehe. I see it often. Though, it does show your pretty dark eyes when you do it.”


Ahh, she really paid attention…a little too much perhaps? Haha. Was this love?


“As an elf, you have the most beautiful eyes, I’ve always thought. I rate those clear green pupils highly.”

“Ahh, these eyes. Eyes of this type will change colors. Apparently, they were different when I was born, but it came out when I was a child.”


She said, then moved her face away with a faraway look in her eyes. I wondered if it was her old homeland that she was seeing.

Where she was born, her family, and her friends. An emotion that I couldn’t express overwhelmed me as I looked at she, who had lost everything. It pained my heart. Was it sympathy? Or…


“Asagi. Sorry to keep you waiting.”


With that, I moved my fixed stare away from Daniela and looked towards the counter. The guild member was now calling me. Right, we needed to collect the reward.


“With regards to the orcs, there was no quest issued during that time, so you will only be paid for the materials collected. Is that alright?”

“Yes, that is fine.”

“Thank you.”


The tray in front of us held three golds and sixty silvers. It was more than I had expected. I suppose it was because they were considered to be the ‘enemies of all humankind’ or something.


“And as for the wyvern materials,”


Here we go. This was important. I gulped and perked up my ears.


“Thirty silver pieces per claw, twenty silver pieces per tooth, three gold pieces for a single set of wing membranes, ten gold pieces for one jaw plate and twenty-five gold pieces for the wyvern heart.”


What, was this real…did I mishear that?


“A wyvern had not been killed recently, so the prices have gone up. Adding everything up and converting the results, it will be fifty-seven gold pieces.”



I look at Daniela. I hardly knew what to do with myself. She smiled at me. And with that, I was certain, something very good had just happened.


“Yes, I would like to convert it all.”

“Thank you. Please wait a moment then.”


So saying, the guild worked disappeared in the back again. I could hardly feel my feet as I wobbled back to our seats and slumped into the chair.


“Daniela…am I dreaming?”

“What are you on about? …This is real. Go fetch your reward.”


She slaps me on the shoulder. I take in several deep breaths. I had not expected the wyvern materials to sell for so much… Together with the reward for the orcs, I now had sixty golds and sixty silvers. I would only need four more golds and forty silvers to reach my goal. Now I would really need to go and thank Harold.

I sat dazed until I was called again. But this time when I got up from the chair, I felt so light as if I had suddenly grown wings.

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  1. “The communicatively impaired master Daniela butted in. This was rare.”

    How dare you Asagi, Daniella just Shy, not impaired

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