Jack of all Trades – 61


“In any case, what are you doing here, Pinzoro?”

“Forcing a subject change, are we? …Well, it’s nothing. I have nothing to do, so might as well stretch my limbs with a quest, I thought.”


He said as he moved his shoulders in circles. I bet he would choose an extermination quest.


“And you, Asagi? I don’t believe there are any wyverns left for you.”

“Yeah, because I’m the guy that loves wyverns. No, I just want to test my newly acquired equipment.”


Hearing this, Pinzoro held his chin and stared hard at what I was wearing.


“Ho ho. It suits you well. What’s it made of?”

“Wind dragon and ice dragon.”

“Dragons, you say!?”


Hehe. Amazing, isn’t it? I folded my arms with a smug grin. Daniela smirked with a little embarrassment, but why be modest when it was the truth? It was an important thing in my opinion.


“Ah, quite rare these dragon sets… No, wait. I do think that the prices on them had collapsed recently.”

“Oh, something about a Hero taking down a stampede of dragons. Well, they were all young dragons, and it’s their materials that have flooded the market.”


I wonder how much it would have cost if the materials were from adult dragons? The very idea makes me shudder.


“Even the young ones are guaranteed to offer great protection and performance. It is a worthy purchase in my opinion.”

“Yeah… But I didn’t really expect to hunt a wyvern while trying to earn some money.”

“But with this armor, you may just be able to kill the next one alone!”


Haha. As if. It’s a dragon set, but not from an adult. Trusting its capabilities too much might get me killed. And while I had experience now, I would not care to fight one again. If possible, I would try to avoid it.


“…Ah, look at the time. You better choose your quest soon, else you won’t be able to return today.”

“Damn, we better hurry then. What are you doing, Pinzoro?”

“I’ll be taking this request to kill some grass wolves over here.”


Grass wolves in the plains, eh? Well, that meant he was at least strong enough to take down a pack while going solo.


“Daniela, what do you think?”

“You have never fought against kobolds, have you?”

“Uh, true.”

“Then you should experience it.”

“That’s also true.”


And so we chose the kobolds. I tore off the ‘Kobold extermination request’ note from the board.

Pinzoro tore off the one for the grass wolves next to us.


“Well, I’m off now. See you later, Asagi.”

“Yeah, later.”


He waved to us as he headed for the counter. I waved back.


“He’s a good guy.”

“Aye. It reminds me, that this how you make connections and have them spread. Something I did not do when I traveled alone.”

“Things will be different now. I won’t let you get bored when you’re with me.”


I say as I turn to her. She nods and smiles.


“I am confident that I will not tire of being with you, Asagi. Day and night, you are going to bring me pleasure, right?”


How about saying stuff like that when no one else is around! My face turned quite red as I headed for the counter, which Pinzoro had already left.


“Do you wish to go on a quest?”

“Yes. This ‘Kobold extermination request,’ please.”

“Very well. You will be working near the rocky area right outside of the eastern gate. Please give me your status cards.”


I took my card out of my pocket and along with Daniela’s, placed them on the counter.


“Yes, thank you. Please wait a moment. ….Yes, the quest information has been registered. I am sure there is no danger with you two, but please be safe and good luck.”


We thanked the guild worker who showed concern as a formality and left the guild behind us.


Now, the point of all this was really just to test my armor. That might be a little cruel to the poor kobolds, but, ‘survival of the fittest’ and all that. That was the way the world was. They would help build the foundation for my future.


Daniela and I crossed the main street and headed east. As we had come through the western gate, it was our first time seeing the eastern one. Past the gate was the same familiar plains spreading out, but apparently, there was a rocky area further on. The terrain here was kind of fantastic. I had never visited any rocky areas in Japan. At most, I went to a dry river bed with some large rocks.

And this would be my first kobold fight. I needed to be prepared. It was exciting, but also made me a little nervous. I would just depend on Daniela if things get dangerous, I think almost eagerly, as we go out the eastern gate.

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    If anyone wanted more proof of their relationship status is right there. I wander how long will it take for them to visit the graves or encounter the hero?

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    What form does the kobolds take in this story? In most Japanese media they’re dog like. In D&D they look lizard like. The original lore say they are spirit beings that can take many form when they’re visible.

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