Jack of all Trades – 359

The Hot Spring Town with Red Roofs

I sat down and listened to what Rachel had to say.

“Let me say this first. Don’t tell anyone about the enchantments.”
“Got it.”

Now I was a little worried about what she had done.

“I have only added one enchantment.”
“Just one?”

I had been expecting her to add them to every item…

“It is called, ‘Godspeed.’”

A word that I had thought of often, but never used. It seemed like a realm I would never reach. I may be a thrall to a God Wolf, and I may be turning into a monster, but I was still a human at heart.

“I have only done it once before, and it was also with an item made from wolf materials. Well, it was my own tail that had been torn off. But it was a very long time ago, and I threw it away, since it seemed dangerous. After I disguised it, that is.”
“I don’t think you should throw away dangerous things…”

Surely there would be people that were desperate to find it.

“Don’t worry. I lied and said that it was just double AGI. No one will know.”
“…That sounds familiar.”
“Asagi, it is that thing. From Spiris.”

Spiris…? ….Ahhh!!

“Do you mean the white shirt!?”
“Oh. Uh, yes… How did you know?”
“I tried it on…”

The white shirt from the Paw Armor shop in Spiris. It had an AGI x 2 enchantment. I remember it being incredibly comfortable to wear. Yes, just like what I was wearing now…

“I thought it was strange. My stats weren’t so great that doubling them should allow me to move like that. It was almost teleportation.”
“Well, it wasn’t double AGI, that’s why.”
“You should just burn it next time!”
“I didn’t want to. Besides, I was rather proud of it. It would have been a great waste…”
“Asagi. May I punch her?”
“You better not. She’s really strong.”

The fact was, she had unleashed something very dangerous into the world. And I knew it from my own experience. Not only was it dangerous, but it was also very valuable.

Well, it was already out there. And I doubted there was anyone who could use it properly, so I would have to keep tabs on it. I felt like it was my responsibility now.

“This time, I had to combine all of the materials in order to do this one enchantment. Godspeed. Do you know how to use it?”
“It was a while ago, but I think I remember.”

The only reason I had been able to use it back then was probably because I had been a thrall of the Forest Wolf. Surely it would be much easier now.

“Hmm. Also, the enchantment will not work if even one piece of the set is missing. So be careful.”

I looked down and made a fist. This would surely protect me. I would not turn into a monster now. That meant that it was protecting Daniela as well.

I had to be thankful to Pochi and Rachel. They saved me.

“Thank you, Rachel. I’ll take good care of it.”

She nodded with satisfaction. Daniela also smiled happily.

“It’s good that you knew about Godspeed, as I don’t have to explain anymore. Well, I’m going back to my home then.”
“Indeed. Lehaty and I live on this island. I always wanted to have a natural hot spring.”

It was the dream, wasn’t it? I had been expecting to meet Lehaty when coming here. I knew that Rachel had helped her reach her destination, but I was relieved to find out that she was actually living here now.

Once that was done, we would go off to find the key. The key that had been sealed away in an ancient elven ruin that lay somewhere on this island. That was our true purpose for being here. It was something that I would have to talk to Rachel about later.

“So, where is this house?”
“Over there.”

Rachel answered Daniela as she pointed. It was the forest, but on closer inspection, there was a path that went through it. Apparently, it led to their house.

“Let’s go then.”
“Alright. Follow me.”

□   □   □   □

I looked around as we walked down the path through the trees, but there was no snow in sight. The icesnow phase had ended completely. Though, I wasn’t sure if it even snowed on this island in the first place.

“No, it does snow. But it ends very quickly. This place is quite warm compared to the rest of the continent.”
“Hmm. So it’s like a southern island, only it’s on the west side.”

While I didn’t see any hibiscus flowers, it had been a while since I was able to enjoy warmth like this. I did like the quietness and freshness of the winter air as well, but there was something special about warm weather. There was a relaxing, lazy air.

As we continued, we reached a mountain path. It slowly grew steeper, and I began to sweat.

“Phew… It really is quite hot…”

I took off my jacket and put it into the bracelet. It really was useful.

“Eventually, you will be able to store your jacket without taking it off.”
“Can you do that, Daniela?”
“No, not yet.”

I see. It had been a while since she received it from the emperor, but she was not at that point yet. Well, I would probably not take so long. After all, I had Jack of all Trades.

And so I activated the skill that I had been avoiding ever since Pochi’s revelation. It had been a while since I last had images appear in my brain like this. They showed me raising both of my arms.
As I continued to watch, I swung down with my empty hands. And just like that, the great sword was in my hands.

“Hohoho… Interesting.”

Daniela looked at me with a puzzled expression, but I continued to watch. My hands let go of the hilt, and then the sword disappeared. It must have been stored. And then my left hand moved towards my belt in a smooth arc, and my right hand grabbed the air near my belt.

Without missing a beat, my right hand swung outward. I knew what would happen. My right hand was holding White Blade – Tenko.

“I see. So that’s how it works.”
“Ah, Jack of all Trades?”

I copied the movements in the footage and was able to recreate it. While I couldn’t swap my equipment on the fly, I could still put it away and bring out another one. My arms were currently equipped with the Thrust Bear Gauntlets. The ones I had used while guarding the mansion. It was cool how the claws shot out.

“Asagi. Teach me how to do that.”
“Uhh, like this. You just concentrate on the bracelet and…”

And so I changed it back to the gauntlet that Rachel had made, and then tried to teach Daniela. She had received hers first, and yet here we were… It was all thanks to Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

As we walked behind Rachel and talked, we reached a crossroads. You could go straight, or left or right. There was a lamppost here that just reeked of civilization.

“This way.”

Rachel said as she turned right without hesitation. The road was wider here. Wide enough for carriages to pass through. The dirt was hardened under our feet. But there were no tracks from wheels.

Around us, there was grass that had been cut short. Thanks to this, there were no monsters in sight. They had no place to hide here. That was a big difference compared to a place like Fhiraldo. I still remember the chill that ran down my spine when seeing wolves hiding behind some bushes.

“Oh, good. Good.”

I cheered Daniela as she changed her equipment by using the hollow bracelet. Just then I saw that someone was walking down the path from the opposite direction. The first person we encountered on the island.

“Oh, Miss Rachel. Is Miss Lehaty not with you today?”
“Mmm. Lehaty is at home. I’m taking these people there right now.”
“I see. Hello, travelers. I hope that you enjoy your stay.”

The old woman smiled at us gently, before continuing on her way down the road. I suppose she had business by the sea.

After she was gone, we went down the road while looking at the lampposts. It was easy to walk here, and we reached the town in just five minutes.

“This is the town.”
“It’s a town, but the water is always flowing through?”
“Yes. The water is warmed underground through the magma in that mountain. With just a little work, you can create a town around it.”

A little work… Sure. I was starting to think that anything was possible if Rachel was involved.

I could now see the town quite clearly. The buildings had very eye-catching roofs made of red tiles. I wasn’t sure if it was a good match for hot springs, as I didn’t know anything about architecture, but it was all very beautiful to look at.

“This is where I live. The hot spring town with red roofs. Fuscus.”

Rachel announced as she turned around and spread her arms wide.

Fuscus, the town on the remote island.

So, what kind of town would this be? I couldn’t wait to find out.

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