Jack of all Trades – 227


Everything gave me an AGI boost. What would happen in the end?


“Hmm… In regard to your status, it should amount to a boost of 200 points? I believe your old set was about 60.”


Oh. The numbers turned out to be less impressive than I was anticipating…


“Exceeding 100 is amazing enough… That is very impressive, Asagi.”

“Eh? Oh…yeah. I’m surprised.”


Well, perhaps my understanding of it was faulty. I see…so exceeding 100 was good… but getting to 200 was amazing. I’ve really gone up in the world.


“It’s because there were a lot of materials to use. Besides, I wanted you to have something to replace the awful clothes you are wearing now.”

“That’s not really your business.”

“Do not say that, Asagi. She seems like a very nice lady. You should be thankful.”


Grrr… Two against one. It wasn’t fair.


“Well, it might still take some time. I intend to keep you here for a while today.”

“Thank you, Miss Amarilith. I am counting on you.”

“Of course!”


Daniela and Miss Amarilith shook hands.


“…Uh, so can I try them on now?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, you must do that. I want to make adjustments to the size.”


That was our purpose for coming today. Damn it. There was no need to talk about my other clothes.


“Alright, excuse me…”


I said as I grabbed the clothes and my bag and moved into a different room. There, I undressed and put on the new shirt. Hmm…I felt like I had just welcomed the new year. Happy New Year me.


Next, the trousers. The ripping of my old pair had been the root cause of all of this. It was my fault for not being able to control my own strength, and it resulted in us being forced to hunt a wind dragon. These felt very comfortable too. I could hardly believe it was from a dragon.


And then I wrapped the waist mantle around me and buckled my belt. What was this belt made of? It seemed very durable. Maybe it was leather?


Well, whatever. Now, to the poncho…no, I had to put the ice dragon armor on first. I had to wear everything and make sure it all fit together. I’ve had this armor for a while now…it was covered small scratches. This too would eventually be replaced by one made from an adult dragon…


Alright, now I had my armor on. My legs felt fine. It seemed to fit very well…like a custom made suit…well, it sort of was…

I put the poncho on over my head and clasped the two small belts after adjusting them. I then tried rotating my shoulders among other movements. I was able to move completely fine. She said she wanted to adjust the size a little, but it was perfect. I could not find a single flaw. It’s no wonder this place was recommended… I sighed with admiration as I stepped out into the room where they were waiting.





Amarilith looked surprised at the sight of me, while Daniela gave me a hard, appraising look.


“What do you think?”

“Yes, I am amazing… The size was perfect…”

“It looks good… In fact, I might want a set just like it…”



What about the person wearing it…


“It’s quite comfortable. It fits so well that I can hardly believe it’s my first time putting it on. And I can bend my arms, stretch my legs and twist my body without anything getting in the way.”

“Hehe. I’m just that skilled.”


Amarilith said as she slapped her arm. Confidence was important.


But, yes. These clothes were great. My old set was really comfortable as well, and it protected me well. But this was made from an adult dragon… It was just on a different level, cliche as that may sound. I couldn’t think of another way to describe it.


“It’s a good thing you were able to finish preparations before the tournament.”

“Yeah… I don’t feel like anyone can beat me in this.”

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