Jack of all Trades – 228

Master Rachel


And so I, Asagi Kamiyashiro, went out into the city in my new clothes. Of course, I finished paying for them first. As I had brought my own materials, it ended up costing five hundred and thirty gold pieces. Dragon materials were difficult to work with, apparently. I didn’t know much about tailoring. According to Miss Amarilith, ‘it would cost eight hundred pieces of gold to buy a completed set.’ That was a lot…and it was mine. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the time when I wore clothes I got from Russel, along with old leather armor. I chased goblins around looking like that.


We were still walking in the craftsmen district. And we were definitely drawing attention. After all, I was walking around in wind dragon materials. It was not usual, to say the least.


“Uh…I don’t like this…”


It was too much for a boring convenience store clerk. I didn’t like being stared at. That’s why I worked at night, when there were fewer people around…


“It will be much worse during the tournament. You might as well get used to it.”

“That’s true…”


I knew how to prepare myself for the worst. I’ve gone through trials and tribulations in all sorts of places. I could get used to it. And then I wouldn’t mind as much.


“So, what should we do?”

“You do realize that it is night time?”


Right. It was already 7 o’clock in the evening. That’s weird… We had gone to Solitude first thing in the morning, and now that we’d left, it’s night…



“While it was tiring, you are now quite presentable, Asagi.”


Daniela gave me a thumbs up. I had acted as their dress-up doll for quite a while. Put on this, take off that… Eventually, they didn’t even bother to send me to the dressing room.

Thinking back on it made the stares I was getting now seem like nothing. Yes, this wasn’t half as embarrassing.


“Well, let’s go and eat then.”

“I would like fish tonight.”

“Oh? That’s unusual. Maybe it will suddenly snow tomorrow too.”

“Shut up. There are times when even I can enjoy the tender texture of fish.”


We joked together as we headed towards the dining hall we had discovered during the week.

It was widely popular and known for having an impressive number of items on its menu. They would serve fish there. As I also felt like fish today, it seemed like a good time to enjoy a nice drink and slowly poke our plates. We weren’t in a hurry.


  □   □   □   □


The day after lots of fish and drinking. I had come alone to the back alley that was the entrance to Rachel’s room. I usually had Daniela open the entrance, but she had a bad hangover and didn’t seem up to the task this time. But it opened anyway, proving that I was able to do it as well.




I wonder if she is here…


“Hey. Rachel?”

“Hmm!? Asagi!? Wa-wait!”



What was it? It was good that she was here, but I hoped she wasn’t too busy. Still, I had time to wait. And so I did.


“Sorry…to keep you waiting.”

“That’s an understatement you bastard. It’s been two hours!”


I had considered just leaving. I had also considered just going in. But I never did any of those things and ended up sitting in the alley.


“…Ah! You were taking a bath!”


It was clear, since her hair looked damp and the scent of soap was in the air.


“Well, why shouldn’t I…!”

“Look, I know that time stands still here…but that’s still too long!”

“SHUT UP!! And never mind that!! Come inside!!”


She hit the window frame hard. Why the hell was she getting angry now… I sighed and pulled myself through the window…and then stopped.


“Uh, you’re here? Lehaty?”

“Oh, yes… Uh, hello…”


Lehaty always seemed very quiet and reserved when she wasn’t transformed into a wolf. Still, at least she could greet me properly now.


“So…yes. Lehaty and I are living together now…”

“Oh… You should have told us. We could have visited.”

“Hmph. No one wants the likes of you as a guest!”


I pushed Rachel away as she folded her arms and snorted. Then I sat down at the table on the opposite side of Lehaty.


“It’s been a while. What’s happened to you since then? Did you ever get to go to the hot spring?”

“Oh…yes… It was very nice…”


That was good. It was a hot spring island… I wanted to go there myself.


“But, uh…as for living there…”

“You couldn’t?”



She looked down awkwardly. Rachel then wrapped her arms around her.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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