Jack of all Trades – 228


“Hey, Asagi. How dare you torment my Lehaty!”

“Since when was she yours…”

“Th-that…oh, I don’t know how to say it…”



Both of them looked a little embarrassed. 


“Well regardless, it was all thanks to you… So we should tell him… Shouldn’t we, Lehaty?”

“Yes…Master Rachel.”

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t call me that…”


It was all very surprising, but it made sense once Rachel explained it to me.


Apparently, beastkin used gestures as part of their courtship. One of them was what I saw as ‘surrender pose’ which is when you exposed your stomach.

And when Daniela and I had brought Lehaty and Rachel together, Lehaty had done this pose in front of Rachel.


“It was love at first sight…”


Lehaty breathed dreamily.


“Really…I must be going senile.”


Rachel admitted that she had no will to resist.


In other words, Lehaty had confessed to Rachel, and Rachel had accepted her.


“Uh, right. Well, congratulations, I guess.”


I wasn’t sure what I else I could say. Nothing needed to be said… Wait, that’s not why I was here.


“So, why have you invaded our nest?”

“Don’t be so grumpy… Anyway, I got some new clothes. And they are made of wind dragon materials.”

“Oh. That’s quite rare.’


And so I explained to them how we had acquired them. Besides, the reason for all of this was that Legs of the God Wolf had wrecked my old trousers.


“…I don’t want anything like that to happen again. So, could you add an ‘Unbreakable’ enchantment?”

“Ugh. How troublesome.”



Rachel rested lazily on the tatami floor.


“Please. I don’t want to ruin my equipment again.”

“Just don’t use the skill and it won’t happen.”

“…Look. It was because I became your thrall that I was able to defeat the Loup-garou. I have to use that skill. But I don’t want it to break my stuff.”

“But Asagi, do you really understand what it would mean? To make your gear unbreakable?”



Mean? It meant my pants wouldn’t tear apart…


“It means that it is ultimate protection.”


Rachel sat up and looked at me seriously.


“Ultimate protection…”

“Yes. You would call it a ‘cheat.’ And it is. You had nothing at first, but you worked hard and experienced much to get here. Would you throw that all away?”



That did make me think. When I had first come here. My arrival in town… In Fhiraldo, it had been Russel and Maris and the Chief who helped me become stronger.

Then I met Gardo and Ness and became an Adventurer. Then I met Daniela.


“Thanks. Yeah, you’re right. They shouldn’t be unbreakable.”

“Hmm. I thought so.”

“Alright, but can you tell how to use the skill properly?”


It wasn’t the Asagi Kamiyashiro way to rely on enchantments and skip the hard work. At least it hadn’t been my style since I acquired Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

I sat down and faced Rachel and pleaded with her.


“Hmph. You are my thrall… And perhaps I shouldn’t have thrown you out before teaching you properly.”

“Uh, then…!”

“Stop looking so happy about it! It won’t be easy, you know!?”


I couldn’t help it. I was very happy.


“Thank you, Master!”



She snorted and looked away. But her ears had clearly reddened. Lehaty and I saw this and laughed.

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    • Yes, between the authors obsession with yuri and bitc… err… women with overly self-centered personalities, to say nothing of the mc who won’t stand up for himself unless his leash holder is involved, I am on the verge of dropping this. Which is sad. It had potential at first, but the writer has squandered that.

      • Actually, yeah… I’m done. Translator, thanks for your hard work! You obviously care to do your translations well, and it shows through completely. Sorry I won’t be finishing this one, but I will certainly check out your other projects.

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