Jack of all Trades – 229

Training with Master


This was a space that Rachel Vanargand made through the use of dimension magic. A place that connected to all other places. A foyer. As this place was made with magic that affected time and space, time stood still here. Only Rachel knew how that worked…


“In other words, your mind and time -hey, stop that you idiot!!- …It’s like a dream space.”


I gulped at her sudden outburst. We were now in an open field.

I had seen this place before, back when she had made me fall into the sky. In fact, this whole world seemed to be nothing but two rows of houses, one alley, and open fields.


“Now, there really isn’t much to do here. You just need to learn how to use your power.”


Rachel and Lehaty were now sitting together on a bench that seemed to have materialized from nowhere. It was nice that they got along.


“So, they really won’t rip?”

“That depends on you.”


Hmm…that wasn’t promising. I was here because I didn’t want to ruin my new gear. Of course, things had gone a little differently. But maybe I should at least change my pants…


“You’ll probably try harder if your nicest clothes are at stake. So do your best.”


Well, that made it hard to change. I guess I should just do it…there was no other way.


“Hmm. Fine. So tell me how I’m supposed to use this wind.”


And so the lesson began.


  □   □   □   □


And then a week passed. My pants were still intact. However, my mind was in tatters.


Rachel’s training was Spartan, if not worse. One little mistake and you were thrown into the sky with dimension magic. I had to frantically activate Legs of the God Wolf in order to regain my balance. Of course, her magic was too powerful and it was all useless. It was only after I was thrown about to the point of feeling ill that I was able to come back down.

That was a good incentive to try as hard as I could, but she was a severe judge. And I ended up falling into the sky many times.


I would get so exhausted that I’d sleep without eating anything. But I would quickly be awoken and sent flying. It continued for seven days. I persevered. Though, I now looked and felt like a walking corpse.


“Hmm. You look awful.”



I barely felt like talking anymore.


“All right, let’s start things easy. As always.”


Rachel’s training was quite simple. You started with a really weak wind, and slowly raised it. I had been able to control the first eight levels of wind, but nothing above that yet.

Even the weakest level required a lot of concentration. Raising the speed and strength wasn’t that hard in itself, but it was hard to maintain the exact level. And that precision was what Rachel wanted. 


“…All right. You can now control strong wind perfectly. But lets move above that now.”


“Not good enough! You just slipped!”


Rachel had quite a temper. I quickly righted my posture, but it didn’t save me from taking another trip to the sky.



“You’re filthy…hmm? Lehaty.”


“He looks terrible…”


I looked at them with dazed eyes after having vomited. They had the kind of expression that would make you think they were looking at their trash…


“Let’s start again. From the weakest level.”



I wiped my mouth and took in a deep breath before starting.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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