Jack of all Trades – 35

Night Fight

After eating to her heart’s content, Daniela was now in a deep sleep inside of the tent.
I was feeling an almost nostalgic fatigue as I sat there and mixed a pot of soup. Of course, this was not a late night meal. This was breakfast.

Nothing had happened after that. No, really. I just sat down there, bored and trying to fight off my drowsiness. The rain that we had expected to continue, had stopped by early morning. The sun was just starting to show above the grass on the horizon.
I put the large spoon on one of the rocks surrounding the bonfire and headed towards the tent. She really needed to wake up already.

“Daniela…Get up…”

I was so tired that I couldn’t muster much energy for this. She was sleeping in a bundle of blankets as I shook her shoulders. I was quite sure that I could remain unfazed now even if I saw her naked again.

“Mmm…Oh, Asagi…”
“Yes, it’s me…get up…”

She rubbed at her blurry eyes and slowly got up.

“Wash your face, eat breakfast, clean up…then wake me up when you are done.”

I say as I collapse next to her. I really shouldn’t pull all-nighters anymore… I was no longer nocturnal… I could feel my consciousness fade as I close my eyes. Thankfully, I sensed that Daniela had stood up and gotten out of bed. Good night.

□ □ □ □

I hear someone calling my name. Softly, swaying. I feel myself moving up and down at an even rhythm. My consciousness returns.

“Mm? Are you awake then?”

I hear Daniela’s voice. I open my eyes to see if it really is her. It was strange, but the first thing that I saw was the back of Daniela’s head.

“Mnn….what the…”
“You must be able to walk then. If you are no longer sleeping?”

I hear this, and my awareness begins to sharpen. Then I realized what was happening.

“Daniela…I did tell you to wake me, but I don’t remember asking you to carry me…”
“Hehehe. You were in such a deep sleep. I could not bear to wake you up. Besides, it was my fault for oversleeping. I did it as an act of repentance. However, you are quite heavy.”

I tap her on the shoulder to make her stop walking. There is a loud ringing of metal as my feet land on the ground. So she had equipped me with my weapons. That must have been tiresome.

“Uh, thank you.”
“It is fine. Do not worry about it.”

She says with a smile.

I look up at the sky and check the position of the sun. It was near the halfway point between the highest point and the horizon. That meant that I slept for two to three hours. Then I look at our surroundings. It is still nothing but grass. I fix the positioning of my sword and then we are ready to move on.

“Kept you waiting.”
“Are you trying to sound impressive with that voice?”

Yes, this is one line that you have to say in a deep voice.

Now, it was time to continue the journey. There was a gentle breeze as we walked in the plains, side-by-side. It seemed that the warm sunlight that shone down on us was a promise of a pleasant journey.

□ □ □ □

“Asagi, it is over there!”
“Leave it to me!”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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