Jack of all Trades – 220

Camping on the Mountain


I had a good idea of the mountain’s general shape after circling it.


It was very distinct. The top of the mountain had been carved away by wind and rain, and there was a lot of dirt and rock visible. Everything below it was covered in forest trees. A kind of jungle, really. There was even a river and a waterfall.

“So, this mountain is bald.”

“Asagi. You must stop making so many enemies.”

Daniela scolded me as if I were a troublesome child. But that was my honest reaction. But what was most odd was that the jungle was on the west side alone. In other words, the side we had come from was also bald. So that’s why the bandits had been visible…

“Could it be the result of some battle..?”

“A battle big enough to take out a forest? It would have to be on an incredible scale for that.”

It wasn’t just a small change in terrain. They would have to redraw the map. So, what if it was the dragon…?

I was reminded of the wind dragon’s breath. It let out a stream of pressurized wind. It was an attack that cuts through everything and blew it away. What if it had been a wind dragon’s breath that destroyed the terrain…

A horrifying thought. No, I couldn’t be bothered by that. We needed to think of a way to stop it.

“…Daniela. If it really is a dragon’s breath, do you think you could stop it?”

“Unlikely. Not even with the magic I have created.”

“I see… Uh, so I guess stopping the attack is just not possible?”

“There must be a way… I just cannot think of one now.”

Well, if it was an easy idea to come across, then someone would have done it already.

And thinking about something and doing it were quite different. We had to think of something we could actually do.

So, we were near the mountaintop now. But the dragon was nowhere in sight. The rumors said it was a wind dragon, but something of that green color should be visible up here where it was mostly soil…

“Perhaps we should go down then. It is clearly not here. It could be in the forest.”

“Hmm. That would be bad. It might see us before we saw it. I do not want to be sniped at.”

And so I agreed with Daniela and we descended. As it could be dangerous if we were visible from the forest, I landed somewhere near the halfway point up the mountain.

“There really is nothing here…”

“I was hoping for some boulders to hide behind…but it is all barren land.”

The brown-colored peak looked like some kind of field. The rain and wind had taken away any trees and plants that might have once grown there. It made me think of the long history of this world, but in the end, it was very inconvenient for us.

First, we would set up a base for our investigation. If there was nowhere to hide, then we could make something. And so Daniela used earth magic to make walls of dirt. We could break them down when we leave. Eco-friendly etcetera.

After setting up the tent, I took out our cups from the bag and we drank some fruit water to raise our spirits. There wasn’t much to look at, but drinking fruit water outside was always nice.

“It would be about…three o’clock now…”

“Are we going to go look for it?”

“No. It will be dark very soon. We will go tomorrow. And no bonfire tonight. The last thing we need is to be ambushed at night.”

“Right. They always seem to attack when we have a fire…”

…It was incredibly bad for the heart. There was no reason to mark our spot if we knew there was an enemy lurking around.

And so Daniela used more earth magic to cover the tent. She looked quite smug and proclaimed that no one would be able to tell that it was a tent. Which meant that she hadn’t yet realized that there was no longer any need for a tent to begin with. Well, she looked cute, so I wouldn’t say anything.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Jawbrie, hi! Thanks & here’s 2 types to consider. HTH!


    The brown-colored peek…
    ➡️ The brown-colored *peak*…

    Possible typo, antecedent unclear:

    It made me think of the long history of this word…
    ➡️ It made me think of the long history of this *world*…

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