Tensei Kenja – 132

I Had a Bad Feeling



After such incidents, we safely arrived in the town of Ordarion.


‘It looks pretty…normal.’


At least, from what I could see on the outside.

The town was surrounded in walls, but that wasn’t unusual, as it protected them from monsters.






The slimes agreed.

…It did not seem like the kind of town that would cause the rain to fall in order to send a Fire Dragon out to attack another town.


I wondered about this as I got off of the Proud Wolf.


‘I’ll wait here then!’


The Proud Wolf said as he rushed towards the forest.

As people would get scared if I took him into town, he always waited outside.


“Welcome to Ordarion.”


As I walked towards the town, the guards that stood on both sides of the gate greeted me.

…There were usually guards stationed near gates…but they usually didn’t talk to me.

It seemed like these guards were very passionate about their job.


“Ah, thank you.”


I said as I continued on my way.

Just then—I felt eyes turn towards me from several directions.


It wasn’t because I was sensitive to such things.

It was because the slimes on my shoulder were wild animals, and had sharp senses.


And they were telling me that people were watching us.

They weren’t exactly turning their heads, but their eyes followed us…


‘…So it wasn’t just a rumor. They really do monitor each other here.’


‘They’re all staring at us!’


‘Isn’t it strange?’


The slimes said.

It didn’t seem hostile…but it was strange to be stared at when you were just walking down the street.

In any case, I continued to move through the town.


I would pay the guild a visit first.



Several minutes later.


“…The guild seems pretty normal as well.”


I arrived in front of the guild without incident.

Fewer eyes seemed to follow us the further we got from the gate… Still, I was sure that we were still being watched.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. So, this town is a like a fantasy physical representation of some social network in real life?:D
    Poor smiles, now under constant watch, and not the good kind. Better give them some tasty leaves.

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