Tensei Kenja – 134



“All right. How about that room?”


They said as they went to one of the back rooms.


‘Follow them.’




As long as I was the subject of their conversation, I could not ignore them.

And so I asked the slimes to continue monitoring them.


‘Ooomph… We got in!’


The slimes slid in from a crack under the door.

The room itself seemed to have had several measures put in place to make it sound-proof.

And there were two doors that were layered.


…I didn’t know guilds had such rooms.

And I had never seen a double door like this before.


I wondered about it while I listened to what they said.

What I heard…was something most unexpected.


“That young Adventurer with the black hair and eyes… Isn’t that Yuji?”


“Aye. It is definitely Yuji. The one who is a candidate for assassination.”


…Candidate for assassination?

Since when had the guild decided that I was to be considered for assassination.

Yes, the Blue Moon of Salvation had put me on their list once…but that had nothing to do with the guild.


Or so I had thought…


“…To be precise, he is a ‘former’ candidate. He was taken off the list.”


“Do you remember what the reason was?”


“If I’m not wrong…it was because he wasn’t a big enough threat. People are rarely taken off for any other reason.”


“He wasn’t a big enough threat!? Are you kidding me!?”



Things were getting stranger.


What they were talking about…was just too similar to that of the Blue Moon of Salvation.

I had been followed and monitored on my way to Boguinea as well.


When I noticed, I pretended to be weak so they would consider me as someone who couldn’t possibly be a threat to them.

And so I was taken off their list.


But…why were these guild people talking about it?

Could it be that people from the Blue Moon of Salvation had infiltrated the guild…?


I continued to listen, even as I thought of different possibilities.


“Headquarters decided that he wasn’t a threat. …Would you argue otherwise?”


“With this specific case, headquarters must be blind. That guy is dangerous.”


The one who muttered this…was the man who had been watching me.

Apparently, he thought I was dangerous.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Super private room is not private enough for super magical puddings. Those damn plebeians don’t know what they are up against. Might be better to just nuke the city, but only if the slimes are ok with radiation.

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