Tensei Kenja – 141

The Rebuilding was not going Well


“The Iriarch Ravine of death…and so easily! So the rumors were not wrong after all…!”


“I didn’t know it was so dangerous…”


Perhaps I was really lucky to have only encountered the Cannibal Tigre.

I would have to thank the Proud Wolf for running so fast that we didn’t have time to run into any other monsters.


…As I was already here, I might as well ask about the bridge as well.


“If it’s such a dangerous place, why hasn’t the bridge been fixed?”


“Ah… You mean the hanging bridge?”


“Yeah. It’s even on the official guild map. Doesn’t that mean it’s an important route?”


I said as I pointed at a map close to the counter.

This one also had the road connecting Ordaron to Iriarch…but in the middle, there was a red ‘X.’


It probably meant that the bridge was down.

But that mark hadn’t been on the map in Boguinea, so this guild had probably added it themselves.


In any case, without this routes, neighboring towns would find it quite difficult to travel around.

At worst, you might be forced to take a route that was three times as long.

It would have a tremendously negative effect on the transportation of goods.


“Yes. That hanging bridge was very important to this town. …But it was destroyed by a fire.”


“A fire… Do you know what caused it?”


“We do not. We wanted to investigate it, of course. But the evidence is at the bottom of the ravine, which is too dangerous to go.”


I see.

If the bridge was destroyed by a mysterious fire…perhaps it was the work of the Blue Moon of Salvation.


“Umm… There are plans to rebuild it.”




“Yes. But we are having trouble in terms of the funds, as it’s being negotiated with Ordarion… We do hope to open the road again soon…”


So the rebuilding was being stalled because of Ordarion.

The Blue Moon of Salvation sure liked to cause a lot of trouble…


I would have to have the slimes look into this as well.

There may be a lot of shocking information to uncover there.


“We would be very grateful if you could help once construction begins!”


“Yeah. If you put out a request, I’ll try to help as much as I can.”


Though, I had a feeling the day wouldn’t come.

If it really was the doing of the Blue Moon of Salvation, then they would not allow it to be rebuilt very easily.

They would clearly use any method they could to prevent it.


…However, it might be a good thing for this town to be cut off from Ordarion.

Who knew when they would attack if there was a hanging bridge there.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. If they cut the bridge, they most likely don’t need it, so build it back fast, just to piss them off. Also, taunt them with the slimes, cuz they cute and terrorists shouldn’t get them 😀

  2. You can see this novel (The reincarnated one doesn’t want a cheat) as it’s been long long since someone toke it there is a manga but also stopped being translated

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