Tensei Kenja – 140

I Was Believed


“Very well. …Please don’t feel too bad about it…well, of course, you would feel bad. But, I do hope you can recover from this tragedy. Even if there were casualties, you fought and defeated a Cannibal Tigre. You should be proud.”


She said consolingly as she looked through a thick stack of papers and then at my guild card.

Then her voice rose in confusion.


“…There you are. Adventurer Yuji. D-Rank… B-Rank Scout… Solo Adventurer!?”


“Yeah. Like I was saying, right?”


“Yes, it is indeed written here… But that makes it seem like you killed the Cannibal Tigre by yourself…”


She flipped through the pages.

However, she was unable to find anything to suggest I fought while teamed up with others.


“I’m not alone. I fought it with my monsters. I’m a Tamer, after all.”


“No, that’s not the problem… Uh, I’m going to have to ask someone else about this! …Miss Megia!”


She shouted towards the back.

And then…a receptionist who looked like a veteran came out.

This was probably Megia.


“Airia. What is it?”


“This guy brought in a Cannibal Tigre corpse… And he claims that he killed it himself!”


“…I see. Well, then. Can you show me the body?”




And so I took the Cannibal Tigre out of the bag.

Megia insepected it…and then muttered.


“I don’t see any blade wounds. It was likely killed…by fire and ice magic attacks.”


She could tell by just looking at it.

There were some burned spots, so it was obvious I used fire…but how did she know I used ice magic as well?


“Hmmm… I think this was the work of a single sorcerer of great power. It doesn’t seem like it was killed by a lot of people.”


“Bu-but this guy is a Tamer!?”


“…Yes, a Tamer wouldn’t be able to do this. Perhaps he just brought in the corpse and wanted to take credit…”


Megia started to say this but then paused.

Then her eyes traveled to the slime on my shoulder…and then shifted to the guild card that was on the counter.


“I see. He is probably not lying.”




Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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