Tensei Kenja – 139



“Wa-wait a minute!”




“What do you mean, ‘what’? Why are you taking that monster away!?”


She shrieked as if she could not believe her eyes.

I thought it was pretty normal to take it back if it’s not what they wanted…


“…Well, since it’s not the target monster, I thought I should take it back.”


“It-it’s true that it wasn’t a Small Tiger… But there are quests for that monster too!”


“But I didn’t see any other quests for tiger monsters?”


I had checked every request that was on the board.

And there hadn’t been any with the word ‘tiger’ in them.

Perhaps there was a tiger monster with a name that didn’t have ‘tiger’ in it.


As I considered this… The receptionist walked over to the quest board and pulled off a sheet that was in the B-Rank section.


“Here it is!”


She said as she handed it to me… It read, ‘Hunt 1 Cannibal Tigre.’


…I see.

It said Tigre, not Tiger.

That was annoying, they should just stick to the same spelling…




“The reward seems awfully high?”


It was written on the paper. 30 million cicols.

That was completely ridiculous for a normal hunting quest.

Perhaps there was a reason for this.


“It’s a B-Rank monster that has been causing much trouble. That’s why it is so high. …This will be quite the achievement for you!”


“…I see. I guess I’m lucky then.”


I was currently a D-Rank Adventurer.

As I had only gained that rank recently, it would be a while before my next promotion…but I suppose I was a step closer now.


“Yes! …Oh, as the prize and experience is divided between participating members, please bring the others when you can!”



…What members? I did it on my own…


I thought. But them I glanced over to my shoulder and saw the slime sitting there.

Ah. Perhaps they counted monsters as members too.


“This fellow helped me, and…another wolf monster. Should I bring him too?”


No one was scared if I walked around with a slime on my shoulder.

However, as the Proud Wolf ‘looked’ like a ferocious monster, I could not bring him into the town.

This seemed like it would be very troublesome.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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