Tensei Kenja – 139


That’s what I was thinking…


“Huh? A wolf? And slimes?”


“Yeah. They helped me kill the monster.”


“…Not monsters. Humans… What about the human Adventurers that fought the monster with you?”


“They were never there. I’m a solo Adventurer.”


I had been in a temporary party… But it was just around 1 week, I think.

Upon hearing this..the receptionist looked at me with an expression full of sympathy.


“I see… Yes, there are some Adventurers who are like that.”


“I don’t think solo Adventurers are particularly rare?”


“No, I am talking about those sad Adventurers…who lost their comrades in battle and are unable to accept it. So they convince themselves that they were solo all along.”



Okay, things were going in a strange direction.


“…Please don’t worry about it. The Cannibal Tigre is a strong monster. I think that your deceased friends would have been very proud that you survived at all.”


…I see.

So I used to be in a party, but they all fell victim to the Cannibal Tigre, and only I survived…

That’s what she was thinking.


“It’s true. I always work solo.”


“…The guild knows what party every Adventurer is in. You do realize I can find out with a simple check?”


“Then, please do…”


I said as I offered my guild card.

That seemed like it would be less time consuming than further explanations.

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  1. The moments when you want to use a bat, one with “stupid” written on it 😡
    We need more slime moments next, to get over this receptionist 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, and Happy New Year!

    • Try a branding iron. If someone is that selectively deaf, not making it abundantly clear would be doing mankind a great disservice.

  2. OMG the receptionist is like it’s okay your friends fought hard with you don’t be sad that they died, Yuji is just like UMMMM I’m solo like for real, this is one my favorite chapters lol

  3. Uhh… Is the author getting progressively more retarded? I mean, we’re 139 chapters in and the protagonist seems to be getting even more naive as time passes.
    I get that it’s supposed to be a recurrent joke, like ‘lol im so OP the monster i thought it was really weak turned out to be super powerful teeheexdxd’ and then the other person shrieks and gets super shocked while retorting, like in a tsukkomi act. But like, there’s no way the protagonist is still that ignorant about such things. It almost feels like the author is disregarding any semblance of character progression for the sake of a couple cheap laughs.

    I’ll still keep reading tho

    • But he doesnt have enough companions to teach him the world’s common sense nyaa~.. if he had a party for at least a few weeks and enough adventures with them and still no character development then maybe i’ll complain too nyaa~

      Anyways i kinda enjoyed it as it is~

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