Tensei Kenja 120

It Was Like a Natural Disaster


And so I waited for the Dryad to move away, and then I chanted.


‘Magic Transfer—Curse Break – Extreme.’


‘Su-such power…! Was that really necessary for some water…?’


The Dryad shouted after seeing me use Curse Break Extreme.

…Well, she was probably right. It was too much.

But I wanted to be certain by using the most advanced magic.


‘It would have probably been fine if I used the normal one. But the last time I did it against a magic stone, monsters started to come out of it…’


‘Oh, you mean when it happened in my forest?’




When that had happened, I used Hellfire of Death to deal with them. But it would have meant less magic depletion had I just used Curse Break Extreme in the beginning.


As I thought about this—there was a sudden knock on my door.


“Hello! Is anyone in there?”


It seemed like the innkeeper.

He sounded quite frantic… Had something happened?


“What is it?”


“I got a message from the guild! It’s going to rain! So you better prepare to evacuate!”



What an odd thing to say.

This inn had a roof, after all.


“Why would we have to evacuate because of some rain?”


“It’s the Fire Dragon…!”


“…You mean that the Fire Dragon is going to go berserk because of the rain and attack the town?”


“That’s what they are saying at the guild!”


Indeed, rain was a phenomenon involving a lot of water falling from the sky.

But it wasn’t a rare occurrence.

Was it that easy to get a Fire Dragon to run wild?


…However, there was no point in pondering that question now.

I’d have to go to the guild.


“Very well. I’ll prepare to leave then.”




He said. Then he closed my door and started banging on the next door.


“Hello! Is anyone in there?”


He was apparently going to do that with every room.

I observed as I left the inn.


As the slimes carried all of my belongings, there was nothing to pack.

Not only that, but as more than half of the slimes were at the mountain, the slime on my shoulder was quite small.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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