Tensei Kenja 120


‘Is it raining near the mountain?’


I asked. At the same time, I used Shared Senses to look.


‘Hmmm… It’s cloudy!’


‘It might start raining!’


They said. I too looked at the clouds.

When I had looked at the sky with Shared Senses earlier, there had not been a single cloud in the sky…but now, there were huge, dark clouds. It looked like it could rain at any moment.

Since when had it become so cloudy?


While that was an interesting question…the fact remained. It was going to rain soon.

…The slimes might not have enough time to run, if it was after the Fire Dragon went berserk.


The slimes were not fast on their feet, and there was only one hat that made them faster.

So it would be best to have them prepare to evacuate now.


‘All of you. Gather together for now. Proud Wolf, gather all of the slimes together.’






With the Proud Wolf’s speed, they should be able to escape the Fire Dragon, even if it was running wild.

As we had already gotten rid of the intruders, there was no need to have the security net still up.


…The problem was whether or not the Fire Dragon would really be affected by the rain.

I wondered this as I dashed into the guild.


“Would it really become so destructive over some rain!?”


“And even if it did, why would that make it come to the town!?”


It turned out that there were already other Adventurers there who were asking the same questions to the guild workers.

So many people had come for information, and the scene was a bit like pandemonium.

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  1. This whole rain thingy sounds and smells like those something those blue moon idiots would do. They endanger the adorable puddings, better end them, violently. Well, they got hats now, just imagine slimes wearings hats, while riding a wolf, now THAT IS EPIC.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. At last the question is answeredso the hat only affect the slime that equip iand they have to combine so that everyone have the speed boost

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