Tensei Kenja – 121

It Came This Way


“The answers to your questions have been nailed to the notice board!”


The guild worker shrieked with a pointed finger.

There was a notice up about the rain.



Evacuation Advisory

By the Adventurers Guild

Reason: The possibility of a Fire Dragon running wild.

Details: Rain clouds currently hang over the region of the volcanic mountain that is the habitation of the Fire Dragon. Rainfall during a Fire Dragon’s appearance has not occurred in 50 years. The previous incident resulted in the destruction of 3 towns including Boguinea.



…3 towns including Boguinea had been destroyed 50 years ago.

There was no easier way to express the threat level of this Fire Dragon.

So, a natural phenomenon was enough to cause the Fire Dragon to go mad. It didn’t need the help of the Blue Moon of Salvation.


“But aren’t Fire Dragon related to Lesser Fire Dragons!? Shouldn’t it die under the rain!?”


Some unknown Adventurer shouted at the guild workers—but that seemed unlikely.

Even the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon had merely been angry when I covered it in water.


It might be different if it was a thunderous typhoon. But ordinary rainfall did not seem like it would be enough to kill a Fire Dragon.

A monster that would die to something like that wouldn’t be able to destroy 3 whole towns.


But…there were 2 rivers between the mountain and this town.

And the larger of them housed the Maneater Bass that I had hunted.


It was about 10 meters wide.

Obviously, that was a lot of water.

I didn’t know if it had been there 50 years ago, but perhaps it could stop the dragon somehow.


As I wondered about this—a slime contacted me.


‘It’s rain!’


‘Rain is falling!’


Apparently, it had started to rain.

I was hoping that it was just cloudy, but it turned out to not be the case.


‘Have you all gathered together?’


‘We did!’


‘We’re fine!’


Once I was sure they were all together, I used ‘Shared Senses’ to borrow their magic detection ability.

And then—I detected the Fire Dragon inside of the volcanic mountain. Its movements seemed different now.

It was as if the rain was tormenting it.


‘The problem is…which way will it go…’


I thought as I watched it.

Its movements were random and it was hard to predict where it would go.

If we were lucky, it would head in a direction where there was no town.


…In any case, it would be best to have the slimes and Proud Wolf move.


‘Proud Wolf. Retreat until you reach the river.’


‘The river?’


‘Yeah. I want to know if the Fire Dragon will be stopped by it.’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Better call some firefighters, with water cannons, that would stop the big fire lizard. Or firefighter slimes, just to be more adorable.

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