Tensei Kenja – 121


Though, moving the slimes away would mean moving away from the dragon…but it seemed like I wouldn’t lose sight of it, at least.

The Fire Dragon was an A-Rank monster, so it left a huge magical imprint that was easy to detect.


Actually…I could even detect the Fire Dragon from the town of Boguinea.

This was because I could see white smoke rising from the top of the mountain.


And in spite of the rain, the forest around the Fire Dragon was burning.

The Fire Dragon must have been so hot that all of the rain evaporated after falling on it.


“…So, this is the power of an A-Rank monster.”


It was so different compared to the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon.

Perhaps this is what my battle with the Blue Delight Dragon would have looked like from far away.


In any case, there was no point in trying to fight this one.

With the Blue Delight Dragon, I had used Hellfire of Death combined with the Shortsword of Keshis. But against an opponent enveloped in so much heat as this one, I was sure to be burned to death before I could get close to it.


…Besides, this Fire Dragon wasn’t even targeting a specific thing.

It was just moving now.

How dangerous would it be once it fought seriously?




If the Fire Dragon wanted to come to this town, it would have to cross the rivers.

The slimes had been stationed by the river that was furthest from the town.


That river was about half the width of the Maneater Bass river.

It still had much more water than Water Discharge, but who knew what the effect would be?


…Well, the best thing would be if it didn’t come close to the river at all.

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  1. “an R-Rank monster” -? {an A-Rank monster} ~ me thinks

    This makes me think that perhaps there were more plans in motion to make the dragon go berserk, by those blue moon terrorists. At least we got to read more about the adorable puddings.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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