Tensei Kenja – 140


Airia shouted with surprise when she heard Megia’s words.

Megia turned to her and continued.


“…Yuji. The magic-using Tamer. …Doesn’t that ring a bell to you?”


“Ah… Now that you mention it, I think I have heard rumors…”


“This is probably Yuji himself. …From what I heard about him, it would not be surprising if he killed a Cannibal Tigre by himself.”


…What kind of rumors was she talking about?

I had a bad feeling about this…


What if the rumors had spread to the Ordarion guild as well?

If that happened, all of my efforts to get taken off the assassination list were for nothing…


…Well, I guess that I could find out through the slimes.

If something like that was happening, then I would have to think of a way of dealing with it.


“Uhh… In any case, we’ll have it processed as a solo hunt.”


The receptionist said as she stamped the sheet.

So I got 30 million cicols for killing a monster on my way here. I felt quite lucky.


“So, where did you kill this monster?”


“I killed it at the bottom of a ravine.”


“A ravine…?”


“Yeah. I was traveling from Ordarion, but the bridge was down. And so I had no choice but to go down it…and then the monster found us.”


“You went into the ravine!?”


Airia and Megia looked at me as if they did not believe me at all.

They looked at each other…then Megia asked me,


“That ravine is called the Iriarch Ravine… There are many monsters there due to the terrain! …Surely, you would have been able to tell, as you’re a B-Rank Scout!?”


“Ahh. Yes, there were a lot of monsters.”


With the slimes’s magic detection ability, I was able to tell that there were a lot of monsters concentrated in the area. Still, the only monster that had been able to catch up to the Proud Wolf was the Cannibal Tigre.


“…Uh, we were running very fast, so we made it somehow.”


“But surely running away would not have been possible with that number of monsters!?”


“Well, I’m a B-Rank Scout. I’m good at knowing where the monsters are and where they are going.”


…Actually, it was really just the speed of the Proud Wolf that helped me.

It would be more accurate to say that we hadn’t avoided the monsters so much as left them in the dust.

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  1. Right, now those terrorists have so much more reason to start trying to assassinate Yuji, or make him join them. Idk, since they didn’t ask him to join, ever, maybe they get new members in another way.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, and Happy New Year!

    • Yuji has been against them from the start. Almost everything he has done has been countering what the psychos attempted. I doubt that they would just ask him to join, maybe attempt to brainwash, but that would be nearly impossible to do.

  2. It’s alright to flatter proud wolf a little more you know? After all that guy looks like the type who does better when he’s praised.

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