Tensei Kenja – 141



A short while later.

I accepted the reward money and left the guild.


‘How are you guys in Ordarion?’


‘I’m fine!’


‘They haven’t found me!’


When I asked for an update, they all replied cheerfully.

Even though the Blue Moon of Salvation had a surveillance system that included people who had blended in with the residents, they were unable to find my slimes, as they were protected by concealment magic.


The slimes were currently observing the residents in an attempt to find out who was a member.

Knowing who was a part of the Blue Moon of Salvation would become incredibly important in the future.


I would have also liked to find out if there were any traps set up in the town…but I suppose that could come later.

Considering their skills in that department, I doubted the slimes would be able to find it so easily.


‘Understood. And don’t worry, I’ll prepare some meat for you all.’




So…the problem was having the slimes trade places and sending the food.

If the slimes were close to each other, something put into ‘Slime Storage’ in one slime could be taken out by another… But it didn’t work if they were far apart.

That meant that if I wanted to send food to Ordarion, I would have to have a slime carry it all of the way there.


I pondered over this as I headed to a meat shop.

As I had just gotten paid, I could buy lots of food for the slimes.



“…That’s all they have?”


I muttered as I looked at the meat counter.


This town had a pretty good selection.

There were famous meats and mystery monster meats.


However… It did not seem like it would be enough for the slimes.

As I had tamed an incredible number of slimes, it was out of the question to have anything less than an incredible amount of meat.

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  2. Please continue the Common Sense of the Duke’s Daughter!!! It’s just few chapters away from the end. And i seriously think it won’t be much hassle for you

    • What’s the point of translating the last chapters of a series that is already being actively translated? Just wait for the other TL…

    • Sorry for the redundancy. I thought my comment wasn’t passing through. I also suggest the “Even if he’s boring, the Sword Saint is still the strongest.” It has a light novel as well as a web novel. The light novel is translated by the jnovel club, but the webnovel translation was dropped after 3 chapters. After reading the manga adaptation, i believe its worth translating for.

  3. Novels to start, eh. Idk, there are a lot I would have recommended earlier, but now… Nothing comes to mind, sorry. Also, since the ads on this site are decent, not intrusive or bothering, I usually don’t activate adblock here, and I would recommend that to others too.
    Right, in the past chapter it said the ravine is full of monsters, meaning full of fresh meats 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

  4. Underground Docter pls, the webnovel hasn’t been translated in like 2 years and in country of origin it has like 94 chapters (all according to novel updateds tho) and i cant find it translated anywhere else.

  5. Thanks for the new chapter!

    would you mind to continue mushoku tensei extras like jobless oblige, king dragon king, or other rifujin no magonote sensei works that related to mushoten? i really appreciate if you could translate them

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    Suggestion.. here some who seems to have been abandoned :
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  7. i’m not using adblock as long as there is no annoying ads tipe Ex :
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  8. I’m gonna suggest again “Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World – the Apostle of the Gods Who Know No Self-Restraint” (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/chronicles-of-an-aristocrat-reborn-in-another-world-the-apostle-of-the-gods-who-know-no-self-restraint/)

    I really liked the manga and I’d like to read more of the story. I tried using Google Translate on the WN but… yeah…. your translations are way better 🙂

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