Tensei Kenja – 132


Regardless…I should check the Rainmaking Device within the guild.

I would have the slimes sneak in.


But…I couldn’t unleash the slimes while people were monitoring me.

Perhaps…I should leave it to a detached force.


‘Team Proud Wolf. I want a few of you to come over here and sneak into the guild.’


About 70% of the slimes were on my shoulder.

However, I always kept some with the Proud Wolf in case of an emergency.

And so I told them to infiltrate the building.




And so several slimes jumped off of the Proud Wolf’s back.

As now all of the slimes recognized such missions as ones where ‘they could eat delicious meat,’ they were always happy to comply.

Though, at first, they had ended up fighting over who could go…it seemed that the slimes had now set up an order for who went on missions, and so they no longer argued.


However, the slimes were quite slow. So it would take time for them to arrive.

And so I decided to look at the quests in the guild in the meantime.

I thought this as I opened the door.


“Welcome to the Ordarion guild!”


The men behind the counters shouted as soon as I stepped in.

In the other towns, there were usually more women…but there were only men in the Ordarion guild.


And…they all looked very strong.

Not necessarily like Adventurers who were tall and muscular.

You might think they were normal at a glance…but my instincts after having fought many battles were telling me that they were strong.


‘Oh! They look strong!’


‘These guild workers are different!’


Even the slimes seemed to agree.

…I doubted these guild workers would ever have to fight, so why did they seem so strong?


I wondered about this as I turned to the quest board.

Just then, I realized that something felt wrong.

And it only took me a second…to figure out what it was.

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  1. Hmm, just my wild guess, but perhaps many quests are about finding where have women gone to? Oh well, we will see the real problem next time. Adorable magical puddings always nice.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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