Jack of all Trades – 220

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I was on the first watch again. After all, Daniela did not have Nighteyes. So I was the only one who could see in the dark. But there were three full moons in the sky now. Just like on the first night I had come to this world. And so you could actually see just fine without any skill. I even deactivated the skill just to confirm, and I was able to see just fine. So, the real reason I took the first watch was because I had experience fighting a wind dragon. I had killed it quite quickly, but I still knew a thing or two about how it moved. Even if I didn’t have any time to wake Daniela up, I could use my mobility to lure it away.

In any case, I was confident that I would somehow be able to deal with it. Daniela looked a little grim, but nodded in assent.


And so I was sitting up, quite bored. Usually, I would spread out Presence Detection and stare dumbly into the fire, but as I was unable to do that, I lay down and looked up at the stars. 


“What a great night…”


We had been using Presence Detection while setting up camp as well. But there was nothing in the forest and the top of the mountain that we could detect. And so we assumed that it had ‘gone off hunting.’ It was hard to believe that something that big could get passed our surveillance. Besides, there had to be something here. Since there were rumors. So the only explanation was that it was away for now.


Perhaps if I continued to stare at the night sky, I would see it returning from its hunt. But would I really be able to see it… Hmm…


“I would have to use Presence Detection and Nighteyes at the same time…Haahhhhh…”


However, I was assaulted by a wave of drowsiness. This was no good. I better get up.


It happened just as I sat up.




I heard a voice. It sounded like the distant howl of a wolf. And it was from the sky.




I frantically looked up. There was a small shadow in front of the red moon. Yes. It had wings and a long tail.

How could I forget!


“It’s the wind dragon…! Da-Daniela!”


I rushed into the tent and woke her up. She was wide awake in an instant and immediately grabbed her bow and came out of the tent.



“In the sky!”


I pointed and Daniela looked up as she raised her bow. The shadow was much larger now. It was descending.


“What should we do? What would be the most effective?!”


I asked her frantically.


“I will shoot it with my most deadly shot. And when I have done that, you deal the final blow while using Legs of the God Wolf. How about that?”

“Short and sweet. Like always. Not bad.”

“We should always go by what is familiar to us.”


We had not perfected our new magic. It would be better to use something we were certain about. Even a child would know that.


“Aright. Then…”


I looked back up at the sky. But my words froze in my mouth as I saw the wind dragon.


“…Uh…Daniela. That thing…isn’t it a bit odd?”


The way it was flying was clearly strange. Its wing was spread out and its head was directed towards us. Unless I was imagining things, there was magical wind energy in the air.


“…This is bad. It knows where we are.”

“Shit-shit-shit-shitshit!! It’s going to attack!!”



I quickly sheathed my sword and grabbed Daniela before dashing away with Legs of the God Wolf. Those were the only two things I could save. Goodbye tent… We may meet again if you survive…


In the next instant, our campsite was blasted away by the pressurized wind.

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    • that’s called a marketing strategy right there.. “Buy our brand of tent, it even absorb dragon attacks!! (Confirmed by Silvergreen & Lightwind)”

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