Cave King – 109

Chapter 109 – He became very big!!


The glass container shattered, and the Ryukin poured all over Mappa as he lay on the floor.

Perhaps it was because of the collision, but Mappa seemed to have lost consciousness.

“Mappa… Old Mappa.”

“Mister Mappa!!”

Fule and Aries held their mouths in shock while I ran towards him.

“Mappa!! Hey, Mappa. Wake up!!”

I quickly used water magic to try and wash the liquid off of his body.

However, the stuff stuck to him stubbornly and would not be washed away.

And so I tried using wind magic, but it was also no use.

This was all so unexpected, that even Shiel was frantically moving around Mappa as if she didn’t know what to do.

“No, wait… Maybe it’s times like these that I can gather it.”

And so I decided to try and gather the Ryukin into my Inventory.

But just then, Mappa thrust out his hand as if telling me to wait.

“Ma-Mappa? Are you alright?”

And then, the Ryukin that surrounded Mappa started to gather together around his body.

Eventually, it took the shape of a large human that was about twice my height…

And its color started to change until it looked like skin.

Before I knew it, there was a very tall Mappa standing in front of us.


I asked. And as if to boast about his new body, Mappa began to show off his biceps.

They definitely looked real.

However, Fule’s voice rang from behind.

“He-hey!! Don’t show us that! Can’t you see that Miss Shiel and I are still here!?”

Mappa’s grass skirt wasn’t quite covering everything, and Fule had become red in the face.

Even Aries was muttering, ‘what shamelessness…’ to herself.

As for Shiel, her thinking was much closer to a slime, and so she didn’t seem to even notice anything.

Indeed, she was more surprised that Mappa had become so much bigger by using the ryukin.

Mappa bowed his head apologetically to Fule, and then changed his grass skirt into some tight underwear.

In a way, it just made things even more noticeable.

“I don’t know, somehow this seems even more indecent!!”

Fule pointed out. Mappa groaned and tilted his head to the side.

I didn’t even know that he could make sounds…though it was very quiet.

Perhaps he had been making sounds all of this time, but it was just too quiet to hear.

Still, it wasn’t words. 

It was more like a baby crying.

And so I asked Mappa.

“Mappa…you can control it?”

Mappa nodded.

“So Ryukin can be used with living creatures too… That could be very useful.”

For instance, it would allow the goblins to make themselves look like humans.

We would use this Ryukin when making dolls, but there would be plenty left even after using all of the Heart Stones.

In that case, everyone might as well use the Ryukin.

“Well, that’s a relief… Still, if you’re going to come, you should have told someone. This place is too dangerous.”

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The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. It makes no sense to do that. If you want monsters and humans to live together doing this doesn’t make sense

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