Cave King – 109


Mappa scratched the back of his head as if he was sorry. However, he quickly started changing the color of his body. And I could hear him laughing quietly to himself in a low voice.

…It was hard to tell if he had been sincere…

“Oh, well. More importantly, how are we going to get back?”

We had only come out to scout the place today.

However, we had found the Ryukin and would be able to take it back with us. I would even be able to store the Ryukin that was enveloping Mappa. Even though I didn’t want to…

So, I just needed to gather all of it and return to the surface.

Only, it wasn’t as easy as that. Because there were Chimeras outside of the storage house.

We could even hear them banging against the door right now.

“Shiel, is there a backdoor somewhere?”

I asked, but Shiel shook her body.

“So we can only leave through the front then… I would have preferred to avoid combat.”

Still, it looked like I would just have to use my magic and fight them.

We had no choice now.

However, Aries suddenly raised her face as if in realization.

“Your Imperial Majesty! I have a plan!!”

“A plan?”

“Yes! A plan to drive away the Chimeras so that we can return to the surface!”

Aries looked at Mappa and then told us of this plan.

Shiel stood on top of the lever next to the door, and then turned to me.

I nodded to show that I was ready.

And then Shiel opened the door.

At the same time, the giant, liquid mass that we were riding on top of began to move out of the storage house.

As Taran retrieved Shiel with a spider web, we came out into the underground city once again.

Just as we expected, the Chimeras were waiting for us outside.

However, they now had to look up in order to see us, and they were clearly rattled by this.

The thing that we were riding on, was a Ryukin covered Mappa.

Mappa was controlling it and using it to become gigantic.

Indeed, he was just as big as the Mappa Golem that protected the shores of Sheorl Island.


Mappa’s eerie laugh was quiet and weak, and did not do justice to his size.

Even then, the Chimeras scattered like baby spiders.

No, even the real spiders, the Cave Spiders, were shocked and began to run away.

Taran was frantically waving her arms as if trying to explain that we were friends, but it was to no avail.

“We’re so high up! Hey, Lord Heal! This is amazing! I can see the whole city from here!!”

Fule was quite excited, but I happened to dislike high places, and so I probably looked like I was dying.

And like that, we were able to reach the entrance to the city without fighting.

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  1. Oh no, the big Mappa, it started multiplying. I get it, that Island, Sheorl, is turning into a huge Halloween attraction, complete with monsters, spooky things, big naked dwarves (ok, this is different, but it’s a fantasy world, so please excuse a little huge difference) and apocaliptic scenarios.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    This Ryukin is really weird, being able to transform alter the properties of both organic and inorganic matter without damaging the reactant.

    Maybe it can be used to grow multiple arms, as well as medicine, weaponry, blacksmithing, alchemy, etc. It’s really versatile.

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