Jack of all Trades – 310

The Top of the Tower


A tower was just a building that was very long vertically. I looked up and considered using Legs of the God Wolf to reach the top, but then thought better of it. The only thing I would reach like that was the ceiling. It was as if each floor was just a small resting place between the flights of steps.

“We’ll split up on every floor and annihilate them.”

Adlus said. We nodded and started to climb the steps. Thankfully, they were rather wide, about the breadth of three people. But it wouldn’t be too comfortable if three people ran up at the same time. After all, we were carrying swords, shields, and bows. And so we went up in pairs of two.

“Hah…ha…damn. This is tiring…!”

“Stop it. You sound pathetic!”

Why were stairs so exhausting? Daniela had no time for my complaints, but that didn’t help me at all.

“I’m done… Sorry, Daniela…”

“Hey, you…”

“…Phew… Ahh…damn it…”

You see, I had a little trick called Legs of the God Wolf. The platinum and jade wind carried me up and I glided smoothly up the stairs.

“Asagi! You cheater!”

“Let’s just say it’s my right, okay?”

“This is not easy for me either!”

Oh, so light elves also didn’t like stairs. Duly noted.

Our idiotic banter always helped calm my nerves. And I soon saw the end of the staircase.

This floor was rather brightly lit. The other Adventurers caught up quickly and spread out.

The scene before us was hellish. It was a large, circular floor that was overflowing with blood. Limbs and heads were scattered everywhere. And there, were the dark goblins, holding the pieces and looking at us with dull eyes.

“High Goblins!”

One of the Adventurers shouted. It was as if that sound pushed them into motion. The High Goblins shouted their battle cry and charged towards us. There was something very human-like about the way they unsheathed the swords at their waist.

“Spread out!”

We spread out into the pairs that had been decided on previously, and then got to work. The High Goblins swung their swords with a familiarity that seemed to startle some of the Jades. Daniela and I did what we could to help them as we rushed through the floor as a mobile unit.

High Goblins or not, it was them versus all of us, and so the battle didn’t last long. Some of the Adventurers immediately got to work, cutting off the left hands, which were proof of the hunt.

I watched them while calling out to see if anyone was injured. Then I heard the echoes of footsteps. More were coming down the stairs.

These were also High Goblins. They had heard the noise downstairs and had come to look.

If we didn’t do something, all the goblins on the upper floors might come down at once. We wouldn’t have a second to breathe. Daniela and I might be able to manage it, but it was too heavy a burden for the Jades.

“Charge! It will only be chaos if we allow them to call the others!”

You could kill and kill and feel like you would never see the end. That would be bad for morale. Adlus was wary of this and gave the order. The fight recommenced.

I took the lead. Manager used her shadows and followed. Daniela shot them down with her bow. We were able to break through the stairs. However, when we reached the next floor, we were greeted by another group of High Goblins.

“Alright, you two go on ahead. Leave this to me.”

Manager said as tendrils of shadow stretched out from her. She had already activated Shadow Step. Her shadow covered the floor and captured the High Goblins. Then the Jades ran up and took off their heads.

However, she wasn’t able to freeze all of them. And some were able to escape her grasp. They raised their swords and attacked. Manager met them with shadow swords.

Like that, Daniela, Adlus, and I ran through them and climbed up the stairs to the third floor.

There were no more stairs after that.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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