Cave King – 107

Chapter 107 – Spiders descended!!


“Oh… It’s a lot nicer than I was expecting.    

When looking at it up close, the city was almost frighteningly clean.

The paved roads were white and without dust or mold. It looked like someone had been consistently cleaning the place.

Fule looked up as we walked.

“And there’s no vines growing anywhere… Well, maybe it’s because we’re underground. But do you think someone is maintaining this place?”

“Who knows? Hmm?”

I noticed that Shiel was looking upwards.

She seemed to be looking at the wall of a building.

There was some kind of liquid on the wall, and it was moving by itself.

Upon further inspection, there were similar things on other buildings as well.

“Are those slime? I see. So they’re the ones keeping this place so spotless.”

Shiel nodded, but seemed a little hesitant.

Perhaps even Shiel was surprised that the slimes were doing this voluntarily.

“Well, it will be easier for us to walk now.”

“Yes. However, Your Imperial Majesty. There may still be areas that were destroyed by the Chimeras. So please be careful.”

Aries muttered on top of Number 15’s head.

“It wouldn’t be surprising, given how big they are. Alright, I’ll be careful.”

And with that, we decided to continue on our way to the storage where the Ryukin was kept.

We followed after Shiel, who led the way.

But the city continued to be very clean.

Perhaps the Chimera were fighting somewhere else?

It was with such thoughts that we walked. And then I suddenly detected magic energy coming towards us.

“Is this…a Chimera?”

It was big, and judging by the shape, it was definitely a Chimera.

While they weren’t as quick as me, Number 15 and Fule soon noticed it as well.

“You’re right. It seems to be coming towards us?”

“The Chimera? Is it just one?”

Aries asked and Fule nodded.

“Yes…at least for now.”

“And even if you killed it, the blood would likely call its friends or its enemies. Your Imperial Majesty. What will you do?”

I answered Aries.

“I want to avoid a chaotic battle. Aries, can you use your poison again?”

“Yes. However, my supplies are limited…”

“So that means we can’t tame multiple Chimeras then. Maybe we should just avoid them altogether and… Hmm?”

As we were talking, I detected yet more magic energy, this time it was coming from behind us.

“Damn it… They’re coming from the back as well.”

“They must have a really good sense of smell.”

As Fule said, it was likely that they had found us because of our scent.

“More of them may come now… Maybe we should try going to the right and getting around them.”

Shiel nodded.

Just then, Taran’s body moved to point upwards.

“What is it, Taran? Huh?”

Suddenly, the sky above was filled with red lights.

And a number of them were coming straight down towards us.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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