Cave King – 107


“So-something is falling down!?”

Aries raised her voice.

“He-hey. If you talk so loud, the Chimeras will…”

Fule said, and Aries looked frantic.

However, at this rate, these red lights would reach us before any Chimera did.

And judging by their magic energy, these red lights were from living creatures…

But after looking at them for a while, I gradually realized that they were very familiar creatures.

They appeared while hanging on webs.

“Are those…Taran?”

Fule asked. Indeed, the red lights were giant spiders that looked a lot like Taran.

No, they were a little smaller than Taran, and their bodies were on the blue side.

However, they were clearly still Cave Spiders.

As if to prove this, one of the blue spiders and Taran were moving their legs and bodies at each other, as if communicating.

After some time, the blue spider seemed to nod, and then it disappeared back towards the ceiling.

“Taran. Are those your friends?”

Taran nodded eagerly to this, and looked up as if she was watching over them.

And then after a short while, the red lights…the horde of Cave Spiders, started to come down from the ceiling on their threads.


“Aries!! Were you even listening to me!? The Chimeras will hear.”

“So-sorry, Fule. But I’m not very fond of bugs.”

“We-well, I don’t exactly like them either.”

And just like Aries and Fule, I was a little scared too.

I was used to spiders now, but when so many of them suddenly rained down right over your head, it was a little overwhelming.

But the Cave Spiders stopped, and remained suspended over our heads on their webs.

“Ta-Taran? What’s going on? Are they going to try and eat us?”

Fule asked as she entered a defensive stance. But Taran just patted her on the shoulder as if to say, ‘well, you’ll find out soon enough.’

In the meantime, the Chimeras were getting even closer to us.

And so I decided to create a magic barrier, just in case.

It would be ideal if we weren’t found at all, but then again, I also wanted to see them up close in order get an idea of their numbers and behaviour.

At worst, I could always use magic to freeze or stun them.

Then the Chimeras finally came into view.

Just like the last Chimera I tamed, these were larger than the ones seen on the surface. And they appeared both in front and behind us.

And there were five of them in all, which was quite a sight to behold.

“They all came out at once… Are they working together?”

I muttered. Their movements looked coordinated.

It was like their breathing and footsteps were synchronized as they slowly closed in on us.

However, that’s when it happened. What looked like white fishing nets started to fall on top of them from above.

The Chimeras thrashed wildly under the nets, but it only made them get more tangled up.

And while they tried desperately to tear them apart, it was not going very well for them.

The webs of Cave Spiders…

Once the Cave Spiders saw that the Chimeras were caught, they came down and started to cover the mouths of the Chimeras with even more webs.

“Oh, good work, spiders!”

Fule said. And Taran looked a little smug after that.

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  1. So, the logic here is, to deal with big monsters, you call for big spiders backup. Can’t find fault there 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. So now they’ll have an army of janitors/maintenance workers.

    Might as well make use of the perfectly maintained underground city !

  3. So you’re telling me that chimera cannot break free from the webs. Similar webs that Kamyu tore before his evolution… Orcs for the win!

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