Cave King – 108

Chapter 108 – A Hair’s Breadth!!



While her face looked very pale, Aries clapped and applauded the Cave Spiders as they descended.

Fule then turned to her.

“Aries. It’s your chance to use your poison!”

“Oh, right!”

And so with the help of Number 15, Aries was able to spray her poison into the mouths of the Chimeras.

In the meantime, Taran was touching legs with the Cave Spiders.

Were they celebrating their reunion?

There were about thirty of the Cave Spiders in all.

However, there were also many more still up in the ceiling, so I had no idea how numerous they really were.

As I smiled and watched, Taran suddenly noticed me and turned around. She was doing gestures as if to tell me something.

It looked like she was introducing the others.

And then the Cave Spiders directed their countless, bulging red eyes towards me.

It was still kind of scary…

However, they had also helped save us.

And so I smiled and waved at them.

“Hey. I’m Heal. Thank you for helping us.”

And then the Cave Spiders stood up on their hind legs.

“Uh, are they angry!?”

Fule asked as she braced herself, but the Cave Spiders quickly returned to their normal posture.

Apparently, it was just a greeting.

Taran was using her legs to try and tell me something.

“The Cave Spiders…above. I see. So they want to go to the surface.”

I said, and Taran nodded.

“They are more than welcome. Do they want to go now?”

I asked. But Taran shook her body to the side.

And then she pointed a leg at Shiel.

“So we should finish what we came here to do first.”

Taran nodded. And then she turned to look at the other Cave Spiders.

And then the Cave Spiders all raised a single leg in reply.

“Are they saying that they will help us?”

I asked, and the Cave Spiders all nodded.

“I see. I couldn’t have asked for better helpers. Thank you.”

“Your Imperial Majesty! I have finished feeding the Chimeras the poison!!”

“I see. Then I’ll start taming them.”

I answered Aries and went to tame the Chimeras.

There were five of them in all.

So that meant we now had six, including the first one.

The Chimeras were all sitting down like dogs as I addressed them.

“As for you guys…uh, can you guard the entrance for now?

The Chimeras nodded obediently and rushed off to the entrance.

Fule watched them and muttered.

“It feels like we just developed a way of winning every time. The spiders can bind them, and then Aries uses her poison. We’re unbeatable!”

“…Do you mean to dry me up? This happens to use up a lot of energy… Uh…I must rest for at least a week now.”

When I looked at Aries, she was indeed very wrinkled. And so Fule pulled out a water bottle and let her drink.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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