Cave King – 73

Chapter 73 – We were saved by nature!


The fire that the Mappa Golem unleashed smashed into the cloud of Devil Hoppers. And the explosion echoed around us.

At the same time, I shouted.

“Everyone! Commence attack!”

And like that, they prepared to fight.

The Devil Hoppers were still a decent distance away from us.

And so I didn’t need to cast Shield around us just yet.

In that case, I should concentrate on unleashing my strongest magic…

And so I stretched out my hand towards the blackened sky, and took aim.

However, I wasn’t sure where to hit.

The target was so huge and covered the sky.

No, this was no time for hesitation. I needed to get in as many attacks as possible.

And so I unleashed fire magic into the horde.

The explosive flames blazed as they spread out in every direction, shooting into the cloud.

It shocked even me. For a moment, my vision was completely filled with fire.

And then it turned into a bright flash that covered the sky.

After a short delay, the whole island rumbled and we were assaulted by a strong wind.

“You did it! That was amazing, Chief!”

Erevan shouted through the gust of wind.

However, when the smoke and dust settled, the sky was still covered with Devil Hoppers.

“Is it possible!? Even that was not enough!?”

Erevan held his head as he watched with a stunned expression.

I didn’t know how many I had killed.

But there were clearly so many, that more drastic measures were necessary…

“I’m going to attack one more time, and then cast Shield over all of you! Make sure you don’t move away from the tower!”

I also told the monsters that were stationed outside with their bows and crossbows.

Just then, Rienna opened her mouth.

“Lord Heal. I have a suggestion.”

“What is it, Rienna?”

“You and I, Lord Heal. We can use water magic to make it rain on the Devil Hoppers! And then Baris can hit them with thunder magic.”

Baris reacted immediately to this suggestion.

“I see. A similar strategy to what we do when fishing.”

“Yes. In the water, the power of thunder magic is increased…”

I said with a nod.

It was a good idea. The problem was if we could really make it rain enough…

I could try manipulating the sea water and surrounding them in it? No, that would be even harder…

Well, we had to test what we could.

“…Alright. We’ll try that once. Rienna. Let’s go.”


Rienna stood next to me and we raised our hands to the sky together.


And like that, we aimed for the highest point in the sky and unleashed the water.

I took the right side of the Devil Hoppers, and Rienna took the left side.

It was like an extreme version of watering plants.

However, the water magic could not fly a great distance. The Devil Hoppers got a little wet, but it was a far cry from making it rain.

How was Rienna doing then…? I looked to my side, and saw that she was struggling as well.

Her water magic was not even reaching them.

She looked angry but continued to desperately unleash her magic.

Was it really no use then… Huh?

Suddenly, the sky seemed to darken even more.

It had already been quite dark, but now it was even darker.

At the same time, the air seemed to be filled with more moisture.

“What… Could it be…rain?”

Eventually, the darkness enveloped the horde of Devil Hoppers, and a rain that was so hard that we could see it, began to fall.

However, it wasn’t raining where we stood. There was a clear line between us.

“Ohh! To think that it would rain at a time like this! Surely god must be on our side! Now, Baris!”


Baris nodded at Erevan and slammed the Devil Hoppers with a furious assault of thunder.

And then, just like a wall that was crumbling away, Devil Hopper corpses began to fall into the sea.

“Yes, this is good! Rienna! You must use thunder magic too!”


And so Rienna joined him in unleashing thunder magic into the horde.

Blue light cracked inside the clouds of insects, and they fell. One after another.

At the same time, the sky began to brighten until it was like an ordinary, rainy day.

“I guess we don’t need water anymore…”

And so I switched to thunder magic and unleashed it with all the power that I had.

From these attacks, the Devil Hopper horde were dropping like flies.

While the sky was getting brighter, the sea was filling up with their bodies, and high waves began to crash from the impact.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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