Cave King – 73


“Yes!! What amazing luck!”

Erevan shouted with joy.

Not only that, but the dark clouds began to part as well.

The rain had only been temporary.

The timing was so perfect. Baris began to pray, as if thanking his god.

Next to me, Rienna’s eyes lit up as she said,

“You did it! Lord Heal!”

“Huh? Uh, no. I just used magic normally. We only succeeded because it conveniently rained…”

This would not have been the outcome if it hadn’t rained.

Yes, without the rain… But, why had it rained suddenly?

I had only been here for about two months, but I had seen what the weather was like on this island.

It had never rained suddenly like this before. And it had also stopped just as abruptly…

With this kind of phenomenon, it was easy to believe that it was the work of the gods.

Or some kind of miracle.

Rienna bowed.

“No, it is because of you magic, Lord Heal. On the other hand…I was of no use, in spite of making the suggestion.”

“No, you did really well, Rienna.”

But Rienna still looked embarrassed.

Perhaps she felt responsible for saying that she would make it rain, and failing miserably at doing just that.

But it was a plan well worth trying, and I had also been too weak.

What was more interesting to me, was that it had rained from the direction that Rienna had been moving her hands.

Could it be…that it was Rienna who made it rain?

No, surely it wasn’t possible to make it rain over suce a large area. In the first place, there was no magic that actually let you control the weather like that.

There was no one back in the kingdom who could do such a thing… Of course, that didn’t stop people from saying that they could.

“Still, what brought those things here? Along with the Scissor Crabs, strange and dangerous things seem to keep attacking us.”

Erevan said with a note of suspicion.

And then Baris answered.

“Hmm… Well, there is no land anywhere near us, so perhaps they would be attracted to this island. We are only growing richer by the day in terms of nature.”

Baris wasn’t wrong.

However, it was not normal for Devil Hoppers to migrate in such numbers… And I had never heard of them crossing the sea.


A Devil Hopper that had survived suddenly came flying towards us.

But it was shot down by the goblin archers who were at the bottom of the tower.

“…Is it just me, or do they seem bigger than usual?”

I muttered as I watched it fall.

They were supposed to be the size of a human head.

However, the one that was shot down looked bigger.

“Ah, so some of them survived. Ashton, Haines. Let’s go get them.”


And so Erevan and the others descended the tower in order to deal with the last of the Devil Hoppers.

The Devil Hoppers seemed to be after something. And judging by the direction they had been flying, it was likely the World Tree.

That in itself was not strange. It was nature, after all…

But the Leviathan and Scissor Crabs… And the giant fish that were caught at our shores. It seemed like these occurrences were becoming more common.

I didn’t know why they were gathering here… But if this continued, who knew what other monstrous thing would come next…

I was anxious about my father and other humans, but the threat of nature was even bigger.

In any case, our defenses would have to be strengthened more than ever.

But, what more could we do…

I had already thought that the Mappa Golem was a little excessive. And yet it had not been much use.

It wasn’t just about having a lot of power. You had to be able to think.

Baris was smart. But perhaps this island needed someone like a strategist who knew a lot about warfare.

As these thoughts entered my mind, I noticed that Rienna was looking at me with a worried expression.

“Lord Heal. Are you alright?”

“…Yes, I’m fine. Wait, your hand…”

She was holding a burnt Devil Hopper.

“Yes, it’s a roasted Devil Hopper. It is every bit as delicious as a Killer Bird!”

Rienna was holding it by the leg as she thrust the thing towards me.

“Y-you’re going to eat this!?”

“Yes! It’s very nutritious. We used to eat them in our old home! How lucky are we to secure even more food?”

“I-I see… Uh, I think I’ll pass for now.”

Rienna looked overjoyed. However, I doubted that I could eat it.

But the monsters on this island considered them to be delicious, and they were gathering the bodies that had washed up onto the beach.

Even Mappa had grabbed a dead Devil Hopper and had begun to munch on it. 


After that, we froze them for storage.

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    • Does Heal really not know how rain clouds are formed? Sanfaris really is primitive.

      Also, I think the rain clouds were formed by Rienna unconsciously using the power of her crest. The Farming Crest helps plants and crops grow significantly faster, right? So she should be able to control the weather in order to make it rain right where she wants.

      [No, it is because of you magic, Lord Heal.]
      • you —> your

      • I had the same thought about the rain being by rienna’s crest, I think that crest’s with strong power like magic king or supreme ruler are well known and researched, but a crest like farming is probably seen as unimportant so its not well researched, it could also be that no one with farming crest before now had enough magic to use it

  1. Well Rienna has the Farming Crest, controlling the weather to make it rain is nothing more than watering plants.

    I wonder if all these things showing up are because of the World Tree? They said it’s supposed to bring prosperity to the land where it grows and all these monsters showing up keep becoming food for the island or material resources.

  2. [rain over suce a large] -> {rain over such a large}

    Yup, Rienna is definitely not human, her pointy ears should have been enough evidence. I wonder if she’s now closer to an elf, or a spirit, since it seems she has at least some influence on the weather. Still, even more food coming, though not the most appetizing version.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. I think it’s more likely that it’s Heal who caused the rain. After all forest fires have been known to cause thunderstorms so maybe the heat from the fireball released all the moisture from the clouds.

  4. It could be that Rienna doing all of her farming work around the World Tree might of gotten some sort of power up from it, or a spiritual connection? Some power over nature? Also that World Tree is like a beacon for monsters. It releases its spores, which make creatures grow to abnormal sizes and then they head for the World Tree to try and take it for themselves. That is both a danger and an opportunity.

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