Cave King – 108


So, Aries would not be able to use her poison for quite some time then.

Well, we had the support of the Cave Spiders, so there was really no need to tame the Chimeras if it wasn’t convenient.

After all, this was more of a scouting mission.

And so we continued to follow Shiel in order to find this storage place.

Shortly after, Shiel stopped in front of a great building that was shaped like a box.

Apparently, this was it. There were hardly any windows, but there was a very big door. Yes, it was just how I imagined a storage house to look.

“So, this is it.”

Shiel nodded and then lowered the lever next to the door.

Inside, we saw that there were a number of giant glass containers.

And inside of these, was the golden liquid. The Ryukin.

As for how much…I wasn’t sure.

But it looked like enough to make a lake.

“Wow…there are no lights in here, and yet it’s so bright…”

Like Fule said, the Ryukin was golden, and it lit up the room very brightly.

However, that’s when it happened.

We could hear the sounds of someone running behind us.

Not only did the sounds grow louder, but it was soon apparent that there were multiple runners.

“The Chimeras? Everyone, be careful.”

I said, and Fule and Number 15 prepared to fight.

At the same time, Shiel headed to the lever by the door, so she would be able to close it if necessary.

“Yes, it might be best to just close it… Huh? That…”

The person who was running slowly came into view.

The first person to come running was a half-naked old man…Mappa.

“It’s Old Mappa!? He’s here?!”

While Fule was surprised, I wasn’t surprised at all.

It was obvious that he had been lured here by the smell of Ryukin.

Of course, being able to smell different kinds of metal wasn’t normal… But this was Mappa.

However, this situation was bad.

Because there was a horde of Chimeras behind him.

They were all baring their fangs and had their tongues sticking out. They wanted to eat Mappa.

The Chimeras had not been like this when they attacked us.

They were drooling and their expressions were different.

Either Mappa had done something…or perhaps he just looked tasty.

“Oh, well. I’ll have to do something with magic…ah.”

However, as if they were reading our thoughts, spider webs began to rain down from the ceiling.

As there were so many of the Chimeras, the spiders were not able to capture all of them, but most had their feet tangled.

“Ohh, thank you.”

In the meantime, Mappa slid into the storage house, head first.

And then Shiel quickly closed the door.

“You were saved by a hair’s breadth… Uh, Mappa!?”

The floor of the storage house was very smooth.

And so without stopping, Mappa continued to slide towards the back of the storage house.

“No!! Mappaaaaa!!”

But I was too late.

Mappa crashed right into one of the glass containers, and he was covered in Ryukin.

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    • Even at this point, you still don’t understand the role of… the (almost) naked dwarf?
      When things get boring, or may get boring, or feel like might be getting boring, or just adding a little “spice” might work, that’s when he shows up. No discovery can be simple, no problem can be fixed without something weird and/or exciting happening, and above all else, things HAVE to be funny.
      Mappa is more than a character, he’s the author’s way to surprise readers, whether they like it or not.

      • This story might just not be good for you (it certainly isn’t legendary tier stuff). Not sure what you would prefer, but I would recommend “The Wolf Never Sleeps” (Okami Wa Nemuranai). In my opinion and as far as I remember, this is the best novel I read and am reading.
        I hope this comment won’t bother anyone.

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