Cave King – 221

Chapter 221 – A Fight!?

And so I left the store to Fule, and went off to explore the city of Langs with Rienna.

This frontier city, where the Vader people lived, had an overall heavy atmosphere.

Inside of the city, there were several towers scattered for defense. And there were also many armed soldiers patrolling the streets.

In other words, it was a military city.

However, what felt more oppressive than the place’s appearance, was the difference in the facial expressions of those who were Vader and those who were not.

Rienna looked around and let out a sigh.

“It is suffocating, being here.”

When I saw people passing by who were injured or looked sick, I cast healing magic on them.

Rienna said with a conflicted expression,

“I had almost forgotten it. How…Sheorl is so prosperous.”
“Aye. Me too.”

Sights like this were not rare. However, we were so used to Sheorl’s atmosphere after living there, that it seemed strange.

But if you looked at the world with a bird’s eye view, we realized that it was we who were strange…

And so this reminded us of how blessed we really were.

I wanted to hurry up and return to Sheorl…

But we had come all of this way. And so we must properly investigate.

And so I made a simple map while we explored the city.

About two hours must have passed. We had finished making one round of the city.

“Aside from the areas around the military facilities, we saw everything.”
“Yes. We have a map, and an idea of living standards here. While it may sound rude, it is quite similar to human cities.”
“I thought so as well. It is not as if they have superior skills compared to the Barleon countries. But not inferior either. As for the mithril armor and weapons… I did not see anyone equipped with any.”
“Perhaps it is only the people at the top who have them.”

As Rienna said, it was likely that only chosen people were able to use them.

The soldiers here all used iron, just like the ones who had come to Sheorl.

Besides, the Vader chief…I think his name was Arder. He claimed to be a first class dragon knight, so he should be from the upper class. But he had not worn mithril armor. Perhaps even among royals and nobles, it was just a small few who had them.

“In any case, they should not be a big threat. On the other hand, as for whether we could be friends…”
“If the world really is in danger, then we must work together, hand in hand. But if I am to be honest…”

Rienna looked conflicted.
They were not the kind of people that Rienna or Sheorl would want to cooperate with. I also did not agree with their methods.

“It might be best to not even try, without careful consideration…”
“Yes. We could just help them if they ask for it.”

I nodded at Rienna’s words.

“We will do that then. We will end the investigation here, and return to Sheorl.”

And so Rienna and I went back to Fule.

On the way, I said to Rienna,

“However, life really is terrible here… I wonder if there is anything we can do to make life a little easier.”
“What about trade, then? If we sell good and affordable tools to them, then their quality of life should improve little by little.”
“That is a good idea, Rienna.”

That being said, it would not be a dramatic improvement.
Besides, even if the tools raised their productivity, the Vader people would be the one to reap the benefits…

I couldn’t help but shake my head.

I had to protect Sheorl. If I got involved because of current problems, it could lead to a war.

And it would be Shia and the others who would be hurt by that. Being forced to go to places they do not want to, and work.

As Rienna said, we should help within our ability.

I told this to myself, as we returned to the stalls in the plaza.

Apparently, something had happened. There was a large crowd of people, and they were all looking in one directions.

“Do it! Do it!”
“Beat up the insolent Amolis!!”

I heard Amolis and hurriedly made my way through the crowd of people.

There were hardly any humans in Langs. So it was very likely that Fule had gotten involved in something.

I had a bad feeling, and it turned out to be right.

In the distance, I saw Fule glaring at some Vader men. And behind her, I could see Shia as well.

The men were all armed, though quite lightly. The man in the middle had an especially extravagant coat on. He must be a noble. His voice rose angrily.

“You bastard!! What are you doing with my slave!?”
“Slave? You just put collars on people by force and make them slaves? You’re like an animal.”

He was furious, and holding a collar in his hand.

As for Shia, she was shaking as she hid behind Fule.

I had an idea of the situation now. The nobles were trying to put the collar on Shia.

I didn’t know anything about laws in this country. But after exploring the city, it was clear that people here were not allowed to go against the Vader people.

But Fule would not turn a blind eye to such things.

Of course, neither would I.

Getting away would be easy, with some magic and the teleportation stone.

I could take Fule and Shia and escape… That was what I thought, but the noble was already swinging his fist towards Fule.

“How dare you! You filthy human merchant… Bah!?”

As the noble was about to strike her, Fule’s palm slapped him across the face.

The noble’s eyes filled with tears as he held his cheek.

“Ahhhh!? You-you…hit me!”
“It was just a slap. My dad would always bonk me on the head if I made someone cry. You really are weak, aren’t you?”
“Ar-are you insulting me!? I am the son of the governor general! Lord Roda!”

Everyone gasped.

Apparently, he was the son of someone who was very important in the city…

Shia became frantic.

“Wait!! I-I will become a slave! So please forgive her!”
“Shia! No!”

Fule quickly pulled Shia back, as she tried to step forward.

I couldn’t let things go any further.

However, there were so many people, and still a lot of distance between us.

The noble clicked his tongue and shouted so that everyone could hear.

“…Guards! Gather around! And arrest these two!!”

Upon hearing those words, all of the guards gathered together.

“Hehe… Now that I look closely, you are not bad for a human. My father hates humans, but if it’s just for one day… Yes, you will be my slave as well!”

Said the nobleman as he walked towards Fule and Shia.

It was no time to hold back now. I would use magic and force a retreat.

And so I raised my hand and directed it at the noble.


“Wait!! What is going on here!!”

It was the voice of a young man.
When I turned to look, I saw a man with beautiful, platinum armor.

He had webbed ears… A Vader.
However, there was something different about him as well. He had long golden hair, fine features, and was tall and slender… Breathtakingly beautiful.

However, my eyes immediately fixed on the sword at his belt as well as his armor.


I knew, as I had seen it many times. It was not silver. His weapon and armor were mithril.

Eventually, voices rose from the crowd.

“Pri-prince Remlik!!”

And then all eyes turned to the man called Prince Remlik.

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