Court Magician – 33

Chapter 33 – Cannot Be Accepted


Clack. The sounds of footsteps echoed.
The path leading to the underground arena.
However, there was more than one pair of footsteps.

“…That damned brat. That idiot.”

I heard the voice come from behind me.
There was sympathy and pity in that voice. It was as if the emotions could not be contained.

“…If you can’t accept it, prove it. That’s the only solution. That’s what I said, but I never imagined it would come to this. It’s just a waste of time. It’s stupid.”

The person who spoke those words was Vogan.

I had assumed that he wouldn’t follow me, but Vogan had said, ‘In case something happens, I was ordered to intervene.’

“…Even though I tried to reason with him, he would not listen at all. He is just a fool… But he still has some pride. I don’t really understand it, but he has values that can’t be changed no matter what.”

To Vogan, who preferred to be lazy, it didn’t matter, as long as he could take it easy.
And so he declared that he couldn’t understand people who obsess over things that can’t be seen.

“Isn’t that what being a noble is all about?”
“…How troublesome.”
“…Are you saying that as a nobleman?”
“…I’m just living the way I want to live. I don’t know anything about being noble.”

Vogan said flatly.

If everyone had his way of thinking, the world would surely be an easier place to live in.

Something that could not be seen.
If I had to express it in short, it would be self-esteem wrapped in vanity. Such words would suit it well.

However, even if it wasn’t absolutely forced, being continuously encouraged and flattered by those around you and believing yourself to be the chosen one…the values of someone who had engraved such an ideology into themselves for over a decade…it was not something that could be changed easily.

As someone who has been in the court for four years, I understood this fact better than anyone else.

—-It will not be accepted.

Because of that, I found myself strangely convinced by Vogan’s words.
His Highness would surely say such a thing.
That was the first thing that came to mind.

“Still, why did His Highness choose the guild’s underground arena?”

Surely there were other places.

That was what I thought, but the answer came back in a voice filled with exasperation, as if to say, ‘What are you talking about?’

“…It’s a fighting arena. Do you need to ask what someone means to do there?”
“…Is he insane?”

I couldn’t quite gauge the true meaning of Vogan’s words.
When it came to what happens in an arena…in other words, to fight.

But the result was clear as day.
And Vogan should know that.

“…As I have already said, he is a fool. I can’t understand it, but that is his way of settling things and sticking to his principles.”

I was beginning to feel resigned.

And so, as we continued to talk, we arrived and the door was opened.

What lay before us was the fully prepared ‘Guild Underground Arena.’
And a lone figure stood there, motionless.

Though I could only see his back, there was no mistaking who he was.
The crown prince of the Gardana Kingdom.
Legulus Gardana.

After several seconds of silence, he finally turned around and our eyes met.

“My father said… The current situation must be changed.”

He said suddenly.
But it wasn’t directed at me, it felt more like he was muttering to himself.

“My father’s words. And so I decided to believe that they are right. There is no need to change. Although I feel that way, those are my father’s words. Therefore, I have decided to think that they are right.”

He repeated, as if reminding himself; chewing over the words in his head.
Legulus appeared to be trying to put himself into a trance.

“However, that is as far as my compromise can go.”

His eyes blazed as he stared at me.
That expression was now more appropriate than ever.

“Some people, including my father, speak in this way. They say we should join hands with the commoners. Their abilities are invaluable… But we were born as the chosen ones, weren’t we? That’s what they told us…! We were taught to believe! And yet… And yet…!! Those idiots have lost their pride as nobles! Even my father has changed!”

Legulus was angry from the bottom of his heart.
He spat out his anger, which had been in his chest. His body shook so much, causing veins to bulge on his forehead.

“Why don’t they understand!? Why is there a need to change?! Why, why, why!!!”

He desperately repeated these words.
Throwing a temper tantrum.
Like a child.
It was no longer a mere expression of opinion.

“And in the end, you used me in making the decision to change the country? …Fine, let us say that it was acceptable. But why, father, you, who taught me that commoners and nobles are different…why change your mind now…? If you want to blame me, then go ahead and blame me as much as you wish. I will bow my head as many times as you require… But that’s not it. That’s not what I wanted. What I wanted to hear was something else.”

He spoke slowly.
And with a trembling voice.

…While I had planned to say more than a few words to Legulus, I could only stand there with my mouth shut and listen as I watched him.

“What, then…was the point of the fifteen years of my life that I have lived? Was it all a lie? Was it all a deception? A mistake? And I should just accept it? …Ha! Don’t make me laugh!!”

Legulus screamed at me. And for some reason, I could understand that every nonsensical and angry words he spoke was his true feelings.
And the anger in his rough words were also directed towards me.

No matter what happens, he will not forgive this outcome.
The words spoken as if to dominate the situation remained unpleasantly in my ears.

“…I won’t accept it. Who would accept it?”
“Accept what?”

For the first time, I responded to his vague mutterings that failed to get to the heart of the matter.

…Though, I had a rough idea of why he was so angry.

The exchange with Vogan.
And the letter from the king requesting help.
Legulus’s anger. The rage in his fragmented words.

The answer was clear.
He had been rejected.
I didn’t know why, but his values were likely rejected.
By the person who he didn’t want to be rejected by more than anyone else.

“…It should be obvious. Someone like you, bastard…”

Legulus closed in on me, one step at a time, until there was no distance left between us. Then, with a sudden movement, he grabbed my collar tightly.

“You wouldn’t understand it. How I feel.”
“…I don’t know. And I don’t want to understand your feelings.”

For once, I discarded all restraint, given the time and place.

“I don’t know what you’ve been told or what you’ve done. And I don’t care to know. …However, there is one thing I will say. At the very least, your way of thinking is wrong.”

It was clear that Legulus would not yield. Nevertheless, I had to say this much.
Soon, his hand, which grabbed my collar, began to tremble.

“…I have no intention of saying you should have obeyed my words. However, even so, you should have at least listened to my voice. I wanted you to listen. If you had, there would have surely been a different ‘now’ that exists.”

Perhaps it was because of Yorha, Ornest and Clashia. Thanks to the time spent with them, I was able to speak without being driven by passion.
I was surprisingly calm.

“…Listen to your nonsense? Don’t make me laugh.”

A parallel line.
No matter how many words were spoken from now on, there would be no change to this parallel line.
After all, there was something unfillable that existed between us.

“I won’t change. I won’t accept it. In the first place, there is no need to change anything. And so I shall prove it…”

With that, his hand released me, and Legulus began to distance himself from me as if measuring the distance between us.

“Listen. Keep your promise, Lord Vogan.”

Legulus suddenly shouted those words to Vogan, who stood behind us with his arms crossed, watching their exchange.
As I had my back towards Vogan, I couldn’t tell what his response was.
At least, he didn’t say anything in return.

“My father declared that he would start accepting talented individuals like you. However, I reject that. That’s why I must prove it.”

…If you can’t accept it, prove it. That’s the only solution.

I recalled the conversation with Vogan before we arrived at the arena.
In other words, Legulus had accepted and agreed with Vogan’s words.

And then,

“That’s why I challenge you here and now, Alec Ugritte!!!”

The roaring voice echoed through the room.

He had an indomitable spirit.

“I won’t accept it. How can I accept it!! I’m not wrong. I’m not wrong… That’s why I’ll reject it all!! I’ll prove that I’m not wrong and that I don’t need to rely on you people!!!”

A Court Magician A Court Magician Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak

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  1. The forefathers of Royals and Nobles were themselves commoners if you think about it.

    I have much respect for the blood, sweat and effort it took to establish a culture of any kind but further generations take it for granted.

    This prince is a moron who also doesn’t realize how incompetent he is.

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