Court Magician – 12

Chapter 12 – The Past Always Follows You

“The Guild Master is calling. You two should go.”

I said to the two who had turned to me for some reason, after hearing Reviel’s words.

Indeed, I had come to Fezel due to Yorha’s invitation to join their party. However, I had not even finished the joining process, let alone received a permit to enter the lower levels of the dungeons.

And so I was not among the people who were being called.
That’s what I told them with my eyes, but Yorha and Ornest looked like they wanted to argue.
You’re coming with us. Was what I could read from their glares.

“Besides, I don’t know anything about Fezel. I still want to go around and explore the guild. You go and listen to him, and I will finish up what I can.”

In fact, it would just be a waste of time if I went and listened with them.
In that case…

“Since she’s here, I’ll go and see what I can learn from Misha, over there.”

So you two go along now and listen to the Guild Master.

“..What are you saying, Alec. You’re going to…”

They both said at the same time.
Obviously, Ornest wanted to force me to go with them, but Yorha cut him off.

Unlike Ornest, who looked like he was in a bad mood, Yorha did not seem to be particularly upset at me.

“Let’s go then, Ornest.”

And then as if to leave no room for argument, Yorha grabbed his arm tightly and dragged him away with strength that you wouldn’t expect from such a slight physique.

“He-hey!? Yorha, what are you doing!? We should take Alec with us!”

He had been so sure that Yorha would agree with him.
And yet they had opposite opinions.
Ornest was clearly frantic when he realized this.

He was now complaining about how since we were in the same party, he shouldn’t be left out of decisions. As if he did not do the same thing to Clashia previously.

“Yes, yes. It’s not like Alec is going to run off somewhere. Now, let’s go.”

Ornest resisted and tried to free himself until the last moment. But his efforts were in vain as Yorha pulled him away towards Reviel.

A moment later, the floor was silent again.

“…Are you sure that you don’t want to go with them?”

Said a concerned voice.
It was the guild worker, Misha.

“I’m sure the Guild Master would understand, once he sees that Ornest forced you to go.”

…Besides, aren’t you going to join their party?

She continued to ask such questions.

“Well, yes. That’s why Yorha came to Gardana to find me.”

If they were welcoming me into their party, then I intended on accepting their kindness.
Besides, while I hadn’t thought of it as a joke or anything, I had made a promise with Yorha.

That we would form a party together one day.

So I wanted to work with them again, if all of them would have me.
It wasn’t a lie. I truly felt that way.

But this was different.

“However, I will just be a distraction if I was with them right now. The other A-Rankers will wonder who the hell I am. Especially since Fezel has this permit system. It would be fine if he was only calling my friends, but that’s not the case.”

There were about ten other Adventurers who had gone as well.
And so I felt it was not my place to go with them.

“…I understand that these Adventurers aren’t like nobles, and the Guild Master is probably not strict about such things… But I can’t help but be cautious… Ahh… I hate it.”

Four years ago, I would have gone with them without giving it a second thought.
But after living as a Court Magician for so long, and doing everything in my power to get by without attracting attention, my instincts had prevented me from acting.

I cannot help but want to choose the options that would not cause a scene.

Really, I should not have become a Court Magician. This wasn’t the first time I thought this, but the feeling was becoming stronger.

“…You hate it?”
“It’s the way my mind works now. I just cannot feel good about it.”
“Ah, uh, nevermind. Sorry to trouble you with personal gripes. Besides, there is actually something else I would like to ask you, if you do not mind.”

As Misha looked at me with a puzzled expression, I suddenly returned to myself. This was not the kind of thing to discuss with someone you had just met. And so I changed the subject.

“If it is something that I can answer, I would be glad to help!”
“Thank you. Then…”

I asked about such things as the number of dungeons in Fezel. And how deep people had gone in each one. I wanted to know what our goals would be, as soon as possible.

* * * *

“…Hah… So Alec Ugritte is not participating.”

Guild Master Reviel muttered with disappointment.

“But, I think it was the right decision. While I have fought him directly, the others have not acknowledged his ability yet.”

And so perhaps it was too early for him to step out and draw attention to himself.

“When you are on a rescue mission, having some unknown person with you can lead to trouble. So in a way, it was awfully considerate of him. Something you would know nothing about.”
“…Shut up.”

Ornest looked very irritated and his voice was sharp.
However, he must have also understood that there was truth in the words, as he did not argue with him.

“…The Magician of Five Colors.”

Just then…
A voice that was not Yorha, Ornest or Reviel entered the conversation.

“…There is a party in the Gardana Kingdom that reached the 68th floor in the capital’s dungeon. A record. And one of their magicians was called Five Colors. But his real name was Alec Ugritte.”
“…You sure know a lot, Clista.”

Ornest said to her.
She had an expression of complete composure, and was so void of warmth that you might think she was made of clay.
Even her voice was thin and dispassionate.

“Huh. So that was his nickname?”

Reviel muttered.

“The boss to the 68th floor was a Hydra. A completely ridiculous creature. You had to hit each of its five heads with different kinds of magic simultaneously in order to damage it. After that battle, people started to call Alec ‘Five Colors.’”

He had activated five types of magic at the same time, and hit the target with all of them. Such an act could only be described as insane. And when he succeeded, he was given the nickname ‘Five Colors.’ Yorha explained.

“Ohh. And why do you know about that, Clista?”
“…I have challenged the dungeon in the capital before. However, we were unable to beat the 68th floor. And so we researched the party who had done it in the past.”

That’s why she knew the name of Alec Ugritte.

As they talked about such things, the remaining Adventurers entered the room, until there were around ten people present.
Reviel pointed at them as he counted. ‘…Hmm. That’s it then.’ He muttered. Then he loudly slapped down on the stack of papers on his desk.

Some of them were knocked to the floor from the impact, but Reviel ignored them as he began to speak.

“While you all know why I have gathered you here, I’ll go over it again, just in case. The place is the 64th floor of the ‘Tank Killer.’ We are going to assemble a rescue party to save Clista’s other party members.”

However, one of the papers that drifted to the floor happened to catch Yorha’s eye.

She knew Reviel’s personality well, and that most of the documents that made up that mountain on his desk, were unfortunate things that had been given his ‘can wait’ stamp.

And so her mind quickly moved away from it.

This document, which was requesting the aid of a capable Healer.

As the crown prince Legulus had been badly wounded in the dungeon, Gardana was requesting that Fezel’s Vice-Guild Master, who was a renowned Healer, be sent. She did not know that it was about the Gardana prince, however, and so, as if it was of no consequence, Yorha turned her eyes back to Reviel and listened to what he was saying.

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A Court Magician A Court Magician Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak

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