Cave King – 218

Chapter 218 – A Usual Night!

“This is so different from the Sylphium forest.”

I said while looking up at the steep cliffs that rose up on either side of us. There was absolutely nothing green on the rough surfaces of the rock walls.

We were currently moving through the Fateshia Valley.

While it was a valley, the road was not that narrow, and it was easy enough to walk through. It was wide enough for two carriages to pass through.

And though it was necessary for us to use magic to conceal our presence from the Vader people, the journey was still going smoothly.

Rienna also gazed at the valley around her and muttered.

“I heard that this is the only road from Sylphium that leads into the Vader territories. Indeed, it looks like it would be easy to defend.”
“But the Vader people can fly. So I’m not sure it’s that important.”

As Fule said, it was not much of an obstacle for the Vader people.

“Perhaps they cannot fly for too long. After all, if they can fly through the sky the whole time, then they would not have needed to use ships, like they did when they came to Sheorl.”
“That’s true… In that case, it is possible that this valley is incredibly long…”

As Fule looked disappointed, Rienna replied.

“Well, you can go back if it’s too difficult for you, Fule.”
“It would not be fair to leave you two… I mean, if there is trouble, then you two might need my help. So I won’t go.”

Fule said flatly.

“Well, if someone feels bad, then we won’t force it. We can all return together… Hmm.”

I felt that the ground was starting to shake again.

“Here it comes!”

Fule put her hands towards the ground as if she had been waiting for this.

On the other hand, Rienna looked more calm as she directed her hand towards the cliffs.

“No… It’s over there!”

And then she unleashed a ball of fire from her hand.

At the same time, a giant worm…a Hell Worm, broke out from the cliffs above our heads.

Rienna’s fireball slammed into the Hell Worm, and it burst into flames. And with a heavy thud, it fell to the ground.

“Fule. You really don’t need to force yourself to stay.”

Rienna said with a smug expression while Fule gritted her teeth frustratingly.

However, the shaking had not stopped yet. And I could detect great quantities of magic energy from our surroundings.

“Both of you. There are more coming!!”

I said, and then unleashed thunder magic towards the cliff, where the closest one was.

The Hell Worm that emerged let out a cry as it was burned black.

But there was no time to rest.
The Hell Worms continued to break out of the ground and cliffs as they attacked us.

We did our best to fight back with fire and thunder magic.

Fule looked frantic as she said,

“Why are there so many!?”
“There is no end to it… I will deal with the enemies in the back. Rienna, you take the cliffs on the sides. Fule will defeat the ones up ahead as we advance.”
“As you say!”

And like that, we fought our way through the Hell Worms while moving up the valley.

Eventually, the Hell Worm attacks subsided.

Rienna looked puzzled.

“They have stopped attacking us. Did they give up?”
“It’s not like we were able to kill all of them.”

Fule also looked behind us, thinking it was strange. There were still numerous Hell Worms remaining. And yet they were returning to the ground and cliffs now.

“Could it be that…”

I placed my hand against the wall of the cliff.

It could have just been me, but I felt as if the color of the rocks and cliffs had changed a little.
We then entered a hollowed area in the cliffs, and when I shone a magic light against the wall, it sparkled as it reflected it.

“It is glossy.”
“It might be that the rock in this area is too hard for the Hell Worms to dig through.”

Before I knew it, my hand was moving towards the pickaxe on my back.

“No, no, no… This is no time for that. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be absurd! Digging is your reason for living, Lord Heal! You would not be the Lord Heal that I know so well, if you did not dig here!”

Rienna declared, and I couldn’t help but feel moved by her words.


Fule rolled her eyes as she looked at us.

“How exaggerated… Well, why don’t you try and dig, then? After all, it could be a very valuable rock.”

Rienna nodded in agreement.

“Besides, if the Hell Worms can’t come here, then it might be a good place to camp for the night. It will start to get dark very soon.”

Indeed, the sun was starting to set. It would be necessary to start preparing for camp soon.

“In that case, I will dig without hesitation then.”

Digging through the side of a cliff… Normally, this would be a dangerous act, as the cliff could crumble right on top of you.

However, my Cave King crest showed me where I could dig safely. There were marks, that were pale lights that showed the way.

And so I took out my pickaxe and started to dig through the rock.

As the high-pitched sounds rang, the rocks crumbled away loudly.

All of the broken rocks were gathered into my inventory.

“I got some rock materials and…what is this?”

The word that appeared in my inventory was ‘mithril.’

“Natural mithril… Though, it’s not even enough for an ingot, in spite of how much I have dug.”
“It must be something that is incredibly rare then.”

As Rienna said, it must have taken a very long time for the people of Sheorl to gather enough mithril for the golems and facilities.

“While it’s nice to have more, there are other things to do now. We will rest once I have created enough space for us to sleep in.”

After that, I hollowed out a chamber where we could set up camp.

It was a square room that I then reinforced with arches and beams made of iron and wood. We then took out the sleeping bags from our bags and our camp was complete.

And then the three of us sat down around the fire so we could eat. There were skewered fish being roasted, and round loaves of bread.

“I didn’t know that we had bread?”
“Oh, these were given to us by the Sylphium. They are called bread seeds, and are like fruits that turn into bread when you cook them.”

Rienna answered, and then Fule took one of the skewers of bread seed.

“Let’s see… It’s true! And it might be sweeter and more delicious than ordinary bread!”

Fule stuffed the bread into her mouth with an expression of bliss.

“And the roasted fish is delicious as well… Though it feels so strange, considering we are near the center of the continent and so far away from Sheorl.”

And we were moving even farther away now… I would have to steel myself.

As I thought of such things, Rienna came to sit next to me and said,

“Lord Heal. No matter where we go, we are always one with Sheorl.”
“After all, we are here to keep an eye on you, Lord Heal. We wouldn’t want you to settle down in any other place.”

Fule said jokingly.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Sheorl is my home. I am not going anywhere.”
“Lord Heal…”
“Is that a promise?”

Said Rienna and Fule as they leaned onto me. Both of them looked a little sad.

Perhaps they were less worried about me being in any danger when I’m alone, and more that I would never come back…

I did not know what to do in such cases. Hold their hands…?

As I thought of such things, I suddenly heard footsteps coming from outside.

Fule and Rienna noticed it as well, and they turned their heads towards the entrance.

“Could it be… A Hell Worm?”
“I don’t sense their magic energy… But I’ll go and take a look.”

So saying, I stood up and headed towards the entrance.

And what I saw was…

“Oh… It’s Mappa.”

I wasn’t even surprised as Mappa walked towards me.
But it wasn’t just Mappa. Number 15 and the other golems were here as well. They were all capable of turning into humans.

Fule pursed her lips and said,

“And now the mood is ruined…”

Number 15 answered for the others.

“We could not allow Sir Mappa to come all of this way alone… I am very sorry.”
“No, it’s fine. Besides, I suppose Mappa came here because he knew it was safe?”

Mappa nodded. He was carrying a backpack that was filled with carpentry tools and a pickaxe. And in his hand was a dead Hell Worm that he must have killed on his way here.

And then Number 15 made a report.

“From the watchtower great tree, we were able to see you enter this place. And Sir Erevan suggested that we also make this place our base. And so we came while using magic to hide our presence.”
“Wait a minute… Father has come to Sylphium as well?”

Number 15 nodded at Fule’s question.

“He really is over protective…”
“Well, well. Since we happened to find a good place to mine for mithril, I could use some help.”

Mappa nodded as if to say I was exactly right, and then he placed his bag by the fire and sat down. Then he began to skewer the Hell Worm before cooking it.

“Hey! Are you going to eat that?”

But Mappa was drooling, and then he began to eat the Hell Worm meat.

We looked on in horror, but Mappa just pointed at his cheek with a blissful smile. So he really liked it then. He was even trying to get Fule to taste it.

Fule did not want to, and was running away… In the end, I was the one who was forced to eat it. However, it was actually similar to shrimp in taste and texture, and was not bad at all.

In a cave, with friends…
While we were so far away from Sheorl, this night did not seem very different from any other night on our island home.

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