Court Magician – 8

Chapter 8 – Reunion with Ornest Reyne

“What is the battle situation?”
“I suppose it is fifty-fifty. However, the Guild Master is using an Artifact, so the longer it takes, the more Alec will be at a disadvantage.”


The Artifact that Reviel was using took the shape of gauntlets, and aside from using it as a weapon, it also helped recover the user’s strength when they were tired.
Because Yorha was aware of this, she knew that he was better suited for drawn out battles.

“Ah, so that’s why the old man is so frantic. An Adventurer from an S-Rank party, who also uses an Artifact. It would look bad if he still couldn’t win.”

Ornest said with a giddy laugh. There was a mixture of bitterness and triumph in his voice.

At this point, there was no real indication of who was stronger. They continued to fight in a stalemate.
However, this ‘test fight’ could not continue like this forever. And since Reviel was supposed to be in the dominant position, it was only natural for him to be worried.
He would want to get the fight over with quickly, and so he would occasionally shout at his opponent as if to provoke him.

“Still, I’m surprised you were able to bring Alec. While it was my idea, I honestly thought that it was a lost cause.”
“…Uh, yes. I didn’t have much hope either, but… You could say that we were lucky… Yes. Alec had been through a lot…”

Yorha turned her head away from Ornest’s gaze and to the ground. She had a far away look in her eyes.
It wasn’t so much sympathy, but a kind of exasperation. As if she had known that that would be the outcome.

“Gardana’s typical elitist mentality, I suppose.”

Yorha’s attempts to gloss over what had happened was all that Ornest needed to understand.

Four years ago.
When Alec had decided on his path after graduating from the magic academy, they hadn’t objected only because they wanted him to join them as Adventurers.

The ‘chosen people’ elitism was incredibly strong in the Gardana Kingdom.
And so they were against the idea of Alec working in the palace, where nobles who cared only about blood and rank would rule.

A Court Magician was not something he should aspire to.

“Well, we knew this would happen. That place is too severe for a commoner. It’s a nest of prideful people. I wouldn’t last a day there.”

…And so it was quite impressive that he had survived there for four years.

That was why Ornest had to commend him, even though it was unusual for him to give compliments.

“So, what was our Alec doing then?”
“Protecting the crown prince.”
“Yes. He was made the guard in a party that the prince was leading. By the way, he was also not allowed to use his sword, or any high-ranking, deadly magic. In Alec’s case, he uses his hand target with magic, but he was not able to do it well, as they made him carry all of their belongings. And so he was mostly just forced to use support magic to protect them.”
“…Sounds like a triple handicap. …Actually, wait a minute. Did you say ‘support magic,’ just now?”
“Yes, I did.”
“But that doesn’t make any sense. I thought that he could not use support magic at all?”

To be precise, he had not used support magic once during his six years at the magic academy.
However, it was also true that Alec had also not learned any support magic as well. And so Ornest was not entirely wrong with his words.

“That’s because I was there.”

Yorha Aizentz was a magician who specialized in support magic. Everyone knew this.
It was because of her, that there was no need for Alec or Ornest to learn support magic.
Because no matter how hard they tried, they would never be able to match her anyway.

And so when it came to support magic, they left it entirely to her.

Yet Yorha was now saying that Alec had been using support magic.
And protecting the crown prince’s party.

“What does that mean? Did he study support magic on his own until he could use it, and then protected the others while not even using a sword or the magic that he is good at?”

On top of that, he had to protect a prince who was only slowing him down.
And he had somehow been able to fulfill this role.

…That is complete madness!!

The words were on the tip of his tongue, but Ornest swallowed them back.

“…What floor was it.”
“For how many floors did Alec protect them? He told you, didn’t he?”
“29. And by the way, he did that while constantly being harassed by the other proud party members. And after they were unable to make progress for nearly two months, the prince became impatient and had Alec fired.”

Was that his restrained reaction towards the crown prince?
Or was it towards the idea that Alec was that desperate to hold onto his position of being a Court Magician?

“…I know this because of you, but support magic is nothing to scoff at.”

Aside from being magic that could enhance one’s physical abilities, they could limit the actions of others, and support your allies in numerous ways.

And the effects of such buffs varied greatly depending on the skill of the user.

However, that did bring up one question.

Even if he wasn’t as good as Yorha.
Even if he hadn’t studied support magic at all.
Alec Ugritte had still used it.

Alec, who had passed Ornest, Clashia and Yorha to graduate at the very top. He was able to use support magic.

In that case, surely the effects would be far from the norm?

…After all, Alec had swiftly made his way through the dungeons of the royal capital during his time at the magic academy.

That experience had probably helped him as well.

“…At worst, the dungeon will be the final resting place of that prince of Gardana.”
“But it would not be Alec’s fault in any way. It was they who drove him out on their own whims.”

And so, surely there is no need for us to be sympathetic? Yorha insisted.

“…And how is Alec’s father doing now?”
“Apparently, he is living comfortably in a different country. And so there is probably no need to worry.”

So the father who was Alec’s reason for wanting to become a Court Magician, was no longer living in the royal capital.

And so Yorha said they didn’t need to worry.

So even if the prince met some misfortune due to his own actions, and decided to take it out on Alec, he would not be able to do anything if they were both out of the country.

“I see. In that case… Ah, it looks like things are finally wrapping up.”

They felt as if they could almost hear something breaking as the fists slammed cleanly into Alec’s stomach.

Though magic circles were simultaneously appearing mercilessly around Reviel, shooting at him, he continued to swing his fists.

…Share the pain.

That’s how they would describe the sight in front of them.

Eventually, the air shook, and the wind of the aftershock brushed the cheeks of the spectators.

Something flew through the air and rushed past Ornest.
It took a cloud of dust with it as it crashed into the wall of the arena. And there were the sounds of falling rubble.

Shortly after, Ornest and Yorha’s conversation ended, and they walked towards the crash site.

If this was any ordinary person, they would have had a fatal wound.
However, Alec would have surely had some kind of safety measure in place. Because they thought this, they did not rush, and walked to him leisurely.

“Hey. I’m glad to see that you’re doing well. Eh? Alec…”

Ornest said as he saw the person who was coughing while holding his stomach and trying to stand up.

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A Court Magician A Court Magician Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak

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