Court Magician – 19

Chapter 19 – Four People, Four Personalities vs Floor Boss(?)

Timing and magic.
All of it was perfect. The best attack I was currently capable of. Cooperation. That was how it should be described.

However, if there was one thing that was unexpected, it was the monster’s instincts. It’s ability to detect danger.


A streak of lightning grazed the giant body. And then they turned into piercing blades that rained mercilessly from the sky.

You could hear it cry for a second, but then even that was erased by the thunderous roars. They pierced the ground, swallowing everything. Not giving you a moment to catch your breath… Or, that was what was supposed to happen.

But right before.
A mere millisecond before the magic was activated, the monster in front of me must have known. In spite of seeming to be on the brink of death, it started to prepare for its escape.

Among attack magic, Thunderbolt was considered to be one of the fastest.
However, with a speed that exceeded even it, the monster detected the danger and began to run.

Thanks to this, the monster was able to avoid a direct hit from the Thunderbolts that erupted from the numerous magic circles.
I could not help but be impressed by it.


“Bind it! Clashiaaa!!”

However, the attacks were not finished yet.
That was why Ornest was shouting so loudly.

“Oh, shut up! I don’t need you to remind me!!”

Behind me, Clashia was waiting with a bow in her hands. She was already in a lowered stance and ready to shoot. A moment later, a single arrow of light shot right towards the space above the monster’s head.

It flew straight, and just as it was right over the monster’s head, it turned into mist.
At the same time, a giant, golden magic circle appeared there in its place.
This magic was called…

“…Arrow Rain!!”

All at once, they appeared. The raining arrows of light came down as if to sew the monster’s body to the ground.
There were so many that it would be foolish to try and count them.
And it had already become numb, due to not being able to avoid all of the Thunderbolt attacks. And now that it was getting hit by arrows, it was obvious that it was getting sluggish.

But that was not all…

“I hope you didn’t forget about me.”

Came another voice.
It was Yorha, who chuckled a little awkwardly.

Her eyes were directed at the ground below the monster, as it tried to flee.


After the words were shouted, numerous chains slithered out from the ominous magic circles.
And then they started to wrap around the monster’s body.

“Gah! Gaaaaaghhh!!!”

It was being held down by two people.
While the monster attempted to use the ridiculous strength that it was born with in order to break these bindings and escape, the brief moment that it was stunned was what decided your fate in places like this.

In other words…

“It’s too late for any of that, you know!? You are nothing but a target now!!”


The only thing that the monster could do now was attempt to resist.

However, the black spear that was gripped in Ornest’s hand was already being pulled back. His right foot moved back, his body twisted. There was only one step left.

One moment before the deadly throw.
And as someone who had followed all the orders and prepared to attack, there was no way that he would hesitate.

“Eat this, you big beast!!”

He swung and then threw as if to erase everything in front of him.

A single black line was drawn in the air, and pierced through the monster’s body.

What this attack did was create a small opening. And that was enough.
That was all that was needed.

“All Sides Seal.”

It was already wounded now.
The damage that had racked up due to continued attacks of rage had tired it. And it could no longer dodge.
And so now I would activate some magic that was sure to take it down.

What appeared then were huge magic circles.
They blazed with fire, and surrounded the monster on each side. There were four of them.

They appeared as if to seal the target inside. This was a way to attack something without mercy. The ‘all sides seal.’

But immediately after…


The monster opened its mouth wide and took in a deep breath.
There was a deafening ring, like the sound of metal, and then a large magic circle appeared in front of the monster’s mouth.

If you can’t dodge it, then do everything in your power, in spite of the pain, to destroy it. That’s what its action seemed to say.

“You are surprisingly calm.”

For a moment, I felt actual fear towards the monster.

An enemy that could remain calm, assess the situation and make the best decisions was an enemy to fear.
That was how I saw it.
And so even though its actions looked desperate, I felt that it came from calm thinking as well.

“But, I am sorry.”

I didn’t have Ornest’s physical ability, and he was always better with every weapon.
As for supporting magic, I wasn’t even close to Yorha. That was why I had been driven out of the palace.
And I had no aptitude for healing magic at all, and I was not nearly as dexterous as Clashia.

However, at the magic academy, I had been seen as the best. Well, it was because we were at the magic academy.

Ornest, Yorha and Clashia denied this, but I was sure that it affected people’s perception.

After all…

“Directing such magic at me was a bad move.”

Over a decade ago, a genius student and prodigy of the school had created a cheat spell… A reflect spell that allowed you to instantly kill attack magic. And during the years since it was created, I was the only other person who had the aptitude to use it.

I never learned his name in the end, but he was probably called…

“Because Eldas taught me the perfect spell.”

A nostalgic face appeared in my mind.
Thanks to him, I would be able to get through this. With this sense of gratitude, I turned my attention back to the monster.

Just then, there was an ear-splitting roar.
And what was unleashed after that, a great magic attack enveloped in flames… Breath.

As it rushed towards me with astonishing speed, I used my free left hand to draw a circle in the air.
There were only three things that I needed to do.

Draw a circle in the air.
Strongly visualize the magic directed at me.
And say the word of activation.

The attack was right in front of me now.
And so my throat shook and the word came out…


A platinum magic circle appeared.

It was a small circle, only as wide as I was tall.
However, from the other side, came magic of the same scale. And then they crashed, causing an explosion.

Now that the reflect magic was activated, I decided that the danger was over, and so while charging my right hand with energy, I turned my attention to the blazing magic circle.

Don’t give the enemy any freedom. Don’t let them think.
Continue to chant!!


The temperature around us rose explosively, the four magic circles unleashed a heat that was hot enough to burn flesh.

This continued for half a minute.
It was screaming and roaring like a death cry. Surely it would die now.

…It was just as I thought that.

Right before Helios’s effect ended, the charred arms of the monster appeared from the smoke. And with movements like some kind of broken doll, it unleashed an attack that was even faster than the one that Ornest had blocked.

But even while facing this attack that would surely be lethal, I stood there, defenseless and with a smile.

“…Sorry. But there is another beast you should be worried about.”
“Thrusting Black Spear.”

I said with an exasperated voice.
And then another voice followed.

The familiar figure appeared in front of me.
He was wielding the spear that he was supposed to have thrown as he moved in between me and certain death.

“Who are you calling a beast, idiot.”

He retorted.
Once, twice, thrice. The attacks that were meant to hit me were swiftly blocked by Ornest’s spear.

…It must have been a final attack that it had used the last of its energy for. Because after it, the monster fell limply to the ground. And after one shudder, it began to fade away.

Monsters that lived in the dungeon, as well as boss monsters, started to fade the moment they had breathed their last.

In general, Cores and Artifacts are dropped after they have faded away.
However, the larger a monster was, the longer the fading took.

I then turned away from the monster and looked at Ornest.

“Thanks for the help.”
“It’s nothing. After all, I’m a genius.”

As always, he was filled with confidence.
However, now that I was used to it, I didn’t mind him wrapping things up with such words.

And so I just smiled and added, ‘I’ll expect your help next time as well.’

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