Shinmai Boukensha – 62

Day 62: Quietly Holding Hands
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 14th day.
Weather: Unknown

After getting through the great chamber with the Golems, we spent the day exploring the fourth floor.
It’s now been four days since we were split up from Ms. Noa and the others. If they were trying to search for us, then we would surely see them soon.
…And so we had to move carefully, so that we don’t pass them by accident.

As I thought of such things while walking, we found a chamber that looked like it would be a good resting spot.
It was quite spacious, so we should rest here…
But the moment I stopped, we were assailed by a sudden shaking. As if the ground was coming up to toss us into the air.
What is this… An earthquake!?
Confusion and panic started to take over me due to the terrible shaking, but then the reason for it all revealed itself from within the ground.

It was a platinum Golem…

!? It followed us from the lower layer!? But how!? And it’s unharmed!?
This was so unexpected, and the confusion stopped me from any course of action. But just then, young Rai’s shouting reached my ears.
And just when I was back to myself, I saw a giant fist rushing towards me.

Immediately, Rai pushed me away, and we avoided being hit in the nick of time. However, I had inhaled a great quantity of dust.
My eyes were watery and I coughed uncontrollably. And then something slammed into the side of my body.
…In an instant, I lost consciousness.

When I came to, my entire body was being crushed.
…I can’t…breathe…

Apparently, the Golem had a firm grip on me with its right hand.
And it was slowly crushing me… If this continued, I would be crushed to death…
But my consciousness was still hazy. It felt like I wasn’t even me anymore. But just then, I heard a small metallic sound from below.
When I looked, I saw that little Rai was desperately using a short sword to attack the Golem.
…What are you doing! Hurry up and run away!!

I shouted hoarsely, but he shook his head.
No! I’m going to help you! He said, holding back tears and in spite of his fear, he continued to swing his sword…
And then the Golem’s left fist swung down over him mercilessly.

I closed my eyes and turned away… Little Rai.
…However, what I heard was not the sounds of destruction and despair. But the ringing sound of metal.
And when I hesitantly opened my eyes, I saw that the Golem was still and unable to move… What had happened?

And then I heard the voice of someone calling me. Was this… Ms. Noa?
When I turned to look, I saw the trio. They seemed exhausted but also relieved.
Hehe. We are all in tatters… But, we might be saved now…
…Just as I thought this, I let go of consciousness once again.

When I opened my eyes, for some reason, I was in the middle of some kind of celebration.
I got up and looked around. There were mine lanterns everywhere. The Kobolds had set up a grand feast.
Ms. Noa, Mr. Sebas, and Mr. Gein had all joined in… Is this a dream?

Stunned, I turned to my side and saw that Rai was still sleeping quietly.
He looked so vulnerable and cute when he slept that I patted him on the head.
Rai smiled as if it tickled…
Hehe. You did well. That was very dashing…

As I sat there for a while, I became sleepy as well.
And so I lay down again and held Rai’s hand…
Well, we should be allowed to rest a little longer.
Now, good night.

…Like that, young Rai and I finally ended(?) our abandoned mine escape operation.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
(Nothing in particular)
Balance: 47 silver, 71 bronze
Unconverted: Various ore, mana crystal(small) x1(broken)

(_ _;)… Splat. I can finally…rest.

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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