Shinmai Boukensha – 42

Day 42: They Come Out When It Rains!!
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 25th day.
Weather: Cloudy then Sunny

It rained last night.
But thanks to that, there were no bugs flying around, which was great!

And while the rain stopped at dawn, the forest was now humid and very hot.
This is all because Ms. Noa insisted that we take a shortcut!!
Not only that, but in spite of claiming that she would discover a new route, she doesn’t even have any mapping tools! How do you explain that!?
Ah, getting excited just makes me more hot… Oh, I don’t even care anymore, I just want to get out of this forest quickly…

I thought about such things as we walked quietly without conversation. And then I started to hear some wet sounds coming from close by.
…This sound was familiar.
I signaled to Ms. Noa with my hands and then cautiously moved in the direction that the sounds were coming from.
And then I saw it behind the thickets!
It was about the size of a cow, with a body that glistened in a light brown color, with dark brown patterns on top. And its eyes looked like two horns. A King Nameku!!

And there were dozens of them. It looked like they were traveling somewhere.
My guess was that they had been lured out of hiding from the rain. But since the rain had stopped, they were now turning back.
However, this was a good chance! While they were as disgusting as ever, I needed money now that I had a partner. And so I wanted to hunt them!!

I unsheathed both swords and was about to rush forward. But Ms. Noa grabbed me by the shoulders.
When I turned around, her eyes were teary for some reason, and she shook her head.
Ah, you can’t stand them, Ms. Noa?
But don’t worry! It will be over before you know it!!
I smiled. But Ms. Noa was too stunned for words. And so I left her standing there and I charged into the King Namekus!!

It was over in a few minutes. It was pretty easy!!
Since it wasn’t raining, they were slower than usual, and I had also become stronger!
However, what should I do now?
As their entire bodies were materials, there was no one part that was proof of the hunt. In other words, you wouldn’t get paid unless you took the entire thing back to the guild.
But we were lost, and had no way to carry them.
…This was all a waste of time… Ah!!

Hehehe. I just had a wonderful idea!!
And so I gathered them all into one spot and then took Ms. Noa out of hiding, and led her to it.
Now, Ms. Noa!! Use your magic to put them into storage!!
All expression disappeared from Ms. Noa’s face the moment she understood what I meant. And then she started to slowly walk backwards. But I won’t let you escape, all right!?
I caught her, but she shook her head with misty eyes and shaking limbs.
Apparently, she had to touch the thing that she wanted to store. And she did not want to touch the King Namekus.
…And you call yourself an Adventurer!? There shall be no complaining in my party!!

In the end, while her eyes remained teary and vacant, she somehow managed to do it.
See? It wasn’t so bad after all.
Still, it was quite late now… We would have to camp in this area for tonight.

And so I quickly pitched our tent and let Ms. Noa rest inside.
I would let her sleep as much as she wanted tonight. She could leave the watch and the fire to me.
As for food… Oh, I don’t have the tools. And so I’ll just have to eat hard bread and dry meat.
Hmm. It’s hard and salty… I want to eat soft meat.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
(King Nameku x10. Sell price prediction is 6 silver)
Balance: 4 silver, 25 bronze

m(。_。;))m Bow. Bow… I think I was a little too mean…

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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