Shinmai Boukensha – 67

Day 67: Fireball of the Swamp
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 19th day.
Weather: Rain/Cloudy

I felt rather refreshed after crying during the night.
Yes, it could not be helped that it was already used.
I just needed to get it again! Wait for me, my precious gold coin!!
And so I cheerfully went to Ms. Noa’s room in order to call her, and saw that she seemed quite relieved.

And then the two of us had a pleasant breakfast, before going off to the Adventurers Guild.
Now, what should we do today… The weather was not particularly good…
The other Adventurers also looked like they were trying to decide whether they should go out on quests or just wait it out and drink at the bar.
In any case, I would check to see what was new on the quest board.
Perhaps there would be some interesting work?

…Ah, this one seems good, and it pays well.
The client wanted someone to investigate a ball of fire that appeared in the swamp at night. And if there was a dangerous monster, we would have to hunt it.
A ball of fire… Could it be something like a devil fire or will-o’-the-wisp?
I gave the request sheet to the guild work and asked if anything was happening in the area around the swamp.
And then she told me that recently, a lot of travelers were getting lost in that area.
Hmm… That was not enough information to speculate on.
…Still, I will have to prepare as well as I am able.

And so I bought some food supplies in the market and then went to a church.
I did not know what god this church was for.
In fact, people were very free when it came to religion in this country, and there were so many gods that you could pray to.
Well, perhaps it was less about freedom, and more about division within different organizations, which was caused by political motives… Oh, I’m getting side tracked.
So, as for why I came to a church, it was to receive some holy water.
After all, it seemed quite possible that the monsters in the area were ghosts or undead.

And so I gave the plump priest my donation, and received the holy water.
…Tsk…only one bottle for that price… I was feeling rather scammed.
And now he was smiling with his oily face… I must leave at once.
…Still, you did not need faith to acquire holy water, as long as you paid.
I was starting to worry if it would actually be effective… It will, right?

As this doubt started to get stronger, Ms. Noa suddenly asked me to wait a moment, and she entered a nearby store… What could it be?
After a short while, she came out with a smile. She had two small boxes in her hands.
And she gave one of them to me.
When I opened it, there was a sparkling silver ring inside…

The ring had vine-like plants and fairy runes that created a complex pattern engraved on it. …It was very beautiful. And according to Ms. Noa, it was made of mithril.

But what is it for? I asked with surprise and doubt. But as always, she said it was a secret and would not tell me.
And then Ms. Noa opened the other box and took out an identical ring which she put on her own finger. She smiled and said that we matched now.
…Hmm. I do not understand, but I suppose it is fine, if it makes her happy.

Now, it was time to go to the swamp!!

…Ah, could it be that the gold was used to craft these rings!? Ms. Noa!?
And the mithril materials that were used, was it the ingot!?
…I will have a proper explanation by tonight! I will!!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Silver: -1(Food supplies)
-5(Holy water x1)
Balance: 58 silver, 43 bronze
30 cat coins

ρ(^-^*)ノ I will do my best on this new job!!

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