Strange Dragon – 35

Chapter 35 – Making A Bath

While it was easy to say that I was going to make a bath, there would be a lot that I needed to do.
I needed to make the bathtub, washing area, and a system to supply water. Those were the most obvious elements.
But there also needed to be a changing room, and a building for all of this to fit inside of.
Perhaps there should also be an outdoor bathing area as well.

“First…the bathtub.”

I had a feeling that it would be the easiest if I started from there.
And then Fio tilted her head.

“A place to hold the hot water.”
“Hot water!”

It was possible that Fio had never touched any hot water.
And so I wondered if she wouldn’t understand what I meant, but it was a groundless concern.

“Yes, I’m going to fill it with hot water. And it will be very comfortable to go inside.”
“Hot water!”

Fio and Shiro wagged their tails happily.
Apparently, they were really looking forward to it.

“Have you been in hot water too, Fio and Shiro?”
“Oh? Where was that?”

So saying, Fio pointed off in the far distance.
It was the opposite direction as the rivers and sea. Toward the mountains.

“There is a place with lots of hot water over there?”
“There is!”

So both Fio and Shiro knew of a place where there were natural hot springs.
And it seemed like they really enjoyed taking baths as well.
But in spite of that, they were both quite filthy.

“Do you bathe often?”

Just as I thought, they hadn’t taken a bath recently.
According to Shiro, it was within a bear’s territory, and so they could not get close to it.

“I see. That’s too bad.”
“Fio. How did you dry yourself when you got wet?”
“Wuff! Lick. Very warm.”

Apparently, the other wolves would lick her after taking a bath.
And then the whole pack would huddle together for warmth.
If the wolves were keeping her warm, it would explain why she didn’t catch a cold.

But the pack was gone, and she only had Shiro now.
So it would be harder to keep warm.

On top of that, the place with the natural hot spring was taken over by a demon bear.
And so that’s why Fio and Shiro were so dirty now.

“Oh, you’re back, Hippolius.”
‘I’m back. Should I help you, Theodore?’
“Hmm… I’m fine for now. Thank you.”

I said, and then Hippolius started to lick Fio and Shiro.
I suppose that was Hippolius’s way of looking after them. I was very grateful.

Thanks to this, I was able to focus on making the bathtub.
I laid out the materials and thought about what shape I would make it in.

I wanted it to be as big as possible.
In truth, I wanted it to be big enough for Hippolius to fit inside.
However, that was not realistic with our current materials and space.

And so I thought of making one that could fit about ten people.
In that case, it should be about 5 meters squared. And there would be parts that are shallow and parts that are deep.

Once I decided on a shape, I decided on materials and the amount to use.
It should be a material that doesn’t cool too quickly. Because reheating a lot of water is hard work.

“Stone will be more durable, but… Wood has lower thermal conductivity.”

In that case, it may be best to make the bathtub out of wood.
However, in the case of wood, I would be worried about its durability.

But as long as it was drained and dried every day, then it should last for a long time.
That’s what I had once heard from a craftsman who made bathtubs.

However, this was going to be very large. And so draining the water every day would be a hassle.

“I could make it hollow.”

Air had especially low thermal conductivity.
And so making it hollow would prevent the water from cooling too quickly.

“I suppose I should make it out of hollowed stone then. And then I can reinforce the bottom with wood.”

The bathtub would be about five meters squared.
And so it might break if I made it hollow.
So in order to support it, I should process some wood and fill the inside with it.
That would raise the thermal conductivity a little, but durability was more important.
And then I can fix glass panels inside with silicone, so that the water won’t leak out.

If I used the crafting skill, I could make something without any seams.
And that would prevent the wood from rotting.

Now that I had decided the shape, materials and structure, it was time to build an image.
Once I had something very detailed, I activated the crafting skill all at once.

And then in front of my eyes, the bathtub started to appear.
As the structure was quite complicated, it took some time, but I was able to complete it at last.

“Hmm. It turned out quite nice.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

Fio seemed very excited. It must have been very interesting to watch the bathtub appear like that.

“Next is the washing area. And the water supply system and drainage system…”

The washing area was not difficult. And so I made it all at once.
The floor was made of stone materials. I made sure there was a slight incline so that the water would flow away.
However, I was careful to make sure that the floor wasn’t too smooth, or people might slip.

“Next is the water system…”

As for this, it was quite similar to the well I had made earlier.
However, what was important was the water heating function.

“If only I could make a magic tool that can heat up the water all at once…”

It was, in fact, possible for me to make magic tools with my crafting skill.
However, when it came to making magic tools, I would need a lot of special and expensive materials.
And I did not have such materials with me.

And so for now, I would have to think of a device that was able to heat water without relying on magic tools.

“…I wonder if Victor has something I can use?”
“Fio will ask!”
“No, that’s fine. But thank you.”

As Fio talked waveringly, it was sometimes difficult for other people to understand everything she was saying.

“In that case, Mr. Theo. I’ll go and ask him.”

One of the Adventurers nearby offered.

“Sorry to trouble you. And thank you.”
“Not at all. It’s a simple task.”

But it was possible that it would take some time to find Victor.

“Fio. Shiro. Guide him to where Victor is.”

Shiro had a good nose. And so he should be able to locate Victor without any trouble.
And Fio could translate for Shiro.

Fio rode on top of Shio as he started to run. And then the Adventurer ran after them.

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