Strange Dragon – 36

Chapter 36 – Making A Bath 2

“So Fio sometimes rides on Shiro’s back…”

I had never seen them do that before.

Fio was about as tall as a five-year-old. And Shiro was about 1.5 meters long.
With wolves, their length was measured from their head to their buttocks. The tail was not included in the length.

So Shiro was a lot bigger. And Shiro was also strong.
I suppose then that carrying Fio was not much of a burden for Shiro.


After seeing them off, I decided to return to my work.

“I’ll figure out the water supply system after they return…”

The fundamental structure would change depending on if you had magic tools or not.
And so I would think about it after it was confirmed.

“For now, I’ll make the sewage system.”

There needed to be a drain that led out from the bathing area.

“Hmm. Domestic waste water. I also have to think of a way of dealing with water from the cooking area as well as the toilets…”

I suppose I could just make a large tank to store water in for now.
And then I would have to install a purification system so that the water could be released back into the river.

“In any case, I’ll make the sewage tank today, and the purification system tomorrow.”

And so I started crafting the sewage tank.
The structure was simple, and I had already gathered the materials.

The only thing I needed to decide was where to place the sewage tank.
As I planned to eventually connect it to the toilets, it would be best if it wasn’t too close to the base.
I didn’t want the smell to drift towards us.

Also, if it was going to flow downwards, it had to be at a lower position than the base.
And considering the fact that I would attach a purification system, I would want a lot of space.

“Hmm. This area seems good.”
“Hippolius. I don’t want to trouble you, but I could use some help with carrying the materials.”

And so Hippolius and I returned to the base.
I put the stones into my magic bag, while Hippolius carried the larger rock materials with its mouth.

Thanks to this, the transporting of materials went smoothly.

“Thank you, Hippolius.”

I petted Hippolius for a while to show my gratitude, and then started the crafting of the sewage tank.
As it was a simple structure, it wasn’t hard to visualize it.

I then lined up the materials and made it all at once.
With rocks that contained a lot of silicon I made a vitreous layer so that the tank would not leak.
And then I added a large lid that could be opened and closed, so it would be possible to do maintenance work.

“Now, I just need to connect this sewage tank to the pipes.”

I returned to the base with Hippolius in order to make the pipes.
Our stock of metal was not infinite. And so I had to be economical while doing it.

“It would be so convenient if we had a lot of metal…”

The only material I didn’t have to worry about when using it was stone and wood.
And so in general, I had to make due with them.

I then connected the bathing area and tub to the drain pipes, which were then connected to the sewage tank. And then I returned to the base.

That was when the Adventurers returned, after they had gone to question Victor.
Fio and Shiro were with them as well.

“Were you waiting for me? Sorry.”
“No, we weren’t waiting!”
“We back!”
“So, how was it?”
“Mr. Victor told us to give this to you.”
“Oh, so he had a magic tool that can heat water.”

It was a metal cube that was 0.6 meters on each side.
And on the top and bottom were holes where you could connect pipes.

“Mr. Victor said that he forgot to give it to you.”

It wasn’t like Victor to forget such things.

“I suppose Victor had forgotten that you don’t have the materials to make magic tools.”
“Though, I did explain it to him…”
“Yes, Mr. Victor would have known. But I suppose it just slipped from his mind.”
“Victor is very busy. And he has to make a lot of decisions.”

As I was talking to the Adventurer, Fio and Shiro were staring at the box.
Even Hippolius was standing next to them and staring at it with shining eyes.
Fio, Shiro and Hippolius were all filled with curiosity.

And so I inspected the cube in a way that they could all observe.

“It’s very light when you hold it.”
“Yes. That’s why we were able to run back.”

If it was light, that meant that it was hollow inside.
And so water would be able to go through.

“For now, I’ll use the appraisal skill.”

And so I activated the appraisal skill on the cube.

“Ah, I see. This is a rather advanced magic tool.”
“Advanced? Would that make it quite expensive?”
“Aye. This would be very valuable. In the royal capital, you could buy a mansion with one of these.”

I said, and the Adventurer froze.
Fio and the others didn’t know what a mansion was worth, so they just looked puzzled.

After he recovered, the Adventurer said,

“…But it only heats up water. Why is it so expensive?”
“There are other similar magic tools, but this one is especially effective. It can heat up a great amount of water in an instant.”
“How much water, exactly?”
“As much as can fit in this cube.”

Apparently, the Adventurer still couldn’t grasp that it was amazing.
If water went through this magic tool, then it would come out as hot water.
It would not take long to fill the baths with hot water.
But I’m sure that once it was demonstrated, even he would understand.

And so I decided to use Victor’s magic tool to make a device.

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  1. If the MC can make seamless items with his Skill why not just make the pipes out of rock? Why waste metal when he could literally just make what would basically be just a concrete build sewage line, but more durable because of magic?

    • I think it’s because rock cracks more easily than metal, and if he wasn’t around when the rock cracked, then water could seep into the surrounding area and potentially cause problems. This especially would be a problem if he was gone to another area for an extended visit. There’s nobody else who could trace the problem and then fix the problem.

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