Strange Dragon – 75

Chapter 75 – Building A Dining Hall

Fio was looking at the mountain vegetable dishes while wagging her tail.

“What is it? Do you want to eat it too, Fio?”
“I’m sure that you’ve been listening, but… It doesn’t taste good, you know?”
“Eat it!”
“I see. If you want to eat it, then I won’t stop you. But don’t eat too much at once.”

So saying, Fio began to stuff the mountain vegetables into her mouth.

“Hey, are you alright?”

She continued to eat more and more of the mountain vegetables.

“He-hey! Are you alright?”

Even the other Adventurers started to raise their voices in alarm.

Perhaps Fio had completely different tastes from us when it came to food.
No, perhaps her sense of taste itself was different.

“Fio. Does that…taste good?”
“…I see. Of course.”
“You don’t have to eat it, you know?”

Fio was holding meat in her right hand, and the mountain vegetables in her left hand, and alternating between them.

“I see. Fio and Shiro have lived for so long, not having enough food…”

I had first met Fio and Shiro, when they came to look through our leftovers in the camp.
After their pack was attacked by the false demon bear, they must have always been hungry.
And so perhaps they were not picky eaters.

Fio then ate every type of the mountain vegetable dishes, and then drank some water.

“Indeed. But if there is nothing else to eat, then we will have to eat it.”
“Wuffu! Shiro, wuff.”

Fio and Shiro started to talk.
And when they were done, they turned to me and said,

“Good grass. There is!”

It wasn’t just Fio, who was human, but demon wolf Shiro was also barking that it was good.
Well, I had high expectations then.

“And where do they grow?”
“Wuff! Near the bath!”
“So it’s near the natural hot spring…”

The natural hot spring was the place where we defeated the false demon bear and rescued the demon wolf cubs.
In other words, the place that had been the false demon bear’s territory.
So, of course, Fio and Shiro could not enter.

“I see. Then we will go and gather some, after I have finished building the dining hall after lunch.”

Everyone wanted delicious food ingredients.
And after so long, I also wanted to eat some delicious mountain vegetables.

“Hippolius. Later on, can you become big again and come with us?”
‘Kyuo! Okay!’

After that, Hippolius ate the remaining mountain vegetables dishes that tasted bad.

“…I see. You can eat all of it then.”

Well, Hippolius even enjoyed eating weeds.
So it was not surprising that terrible mountain vegetables tasted good as well.

After we finished lunch, and cleaned up, I started the work of building a dining hall.
And so I had the other Adventurers move away for now.

“Now, while it is a dining hall, it is also the place to cook food…”

There not only had to be an oven, but I wanted to prepare cutting boards, pots, and other cooking tools as well.
And the dining hall would require tables and chairs.

“The materials will be mostly wood. Also, some metal.”
‘Theodore. Should Hippolius gather more wood?’

Hippolius offered to help.
We still had some wood left. That being said, it wasn’t abundant.
Besides, wood materials were used for various other things as well. We also needed it as fuel.

“Indeed. Can you do it, Hippolius? I have enough for today, but… We need some for fuel as well.”
‘Okay! Kyuyu!’

And so Hippolius immediately returned to its original size.
And then Hippolius ran out of the base.

I then returned to my work.
After building the building for eating and cooking, I could then move on to the furniture and cooking tools.
The building itself would not be much different from the lodging houses. And so I lined up the materials, activated my crafting skill and started to build it all at once.

“Once that is done, it’s time for the furniture and cooking tools.”

The tables, chairs, pots and cutting boards were all simple in structure.
And so with the crafting skill, they would not be difficult to make.

“…I’ll make a smoking device as well then.”

As I had a magic bag, it was relatively easy to preserve raw meat.
And so it was not necessary to make smoked meat to preserve.
However, it tasted good, and so I decided to make a large smoking device.

All of the work only took about thirty minutes.

“Ohh, Mr. Theo, that is amazing as always!”
“Now we can eat comfortably, even when it rains!”
“And cooking will be easier! I can’t wait to smoke something!”
“The table and chairs are nice. We can enjoy our drinks better.”

The Adventurers were overjoyed.
They were sitting on the chairs and checking the texture.

“I’m glad that you like it.”

And then I stepped out of the finished dining hall.
That was when Hippolius returned.

‘Theodore. Hippolius gathered wood!’
“Thank you, Hippolius. That will help.”

And so Hippolius and I headed for the area where the materials were stored.
Hippolius then placed ten large trees there.

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